Vendors and people in Yasothorn are warned of fake 100-baht banknotes

Yasothorn provincial police have warned vendors and members of the public in general to watch out for counterfeit 100-baht banknotes after a vendor had filed a complaint to the police that she received two fake banknotes from two customers.

The fake banknotes are, in fact, 100 baht banknotes printing by color paper, said the police, adding that users of the fake money would normally use them to buy things in the market at dawn or before dawn when there are many customers and the vendors do not take a good look at the banknotes which can be easily detected with a good look.

An unidentified vendor told the police that she received one fake 100-baht banknote from a group of youths who came to buy bananas from her at dawn, but she could not remember form whom she received the second note.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)