Video call: 17 Thai hostages released

Uttaradit, The Prime Minister is happy to quickly video call 17 Thais who were released immediately. After flying to Suvarnabhumi Ask about the fate of the remaining hostages, whose fate is still unknown. Confirming that the government has provided full assistance since the day of the incident. Let me know if you have any information to find a way to help further.

Reporters reported that At the Amazon coffee shop, PTT Nam Pat branch, Uttaradit Province, Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Had a video call with 17 Thai hostages who were released. and arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport where the Prime Minister said hello to Mr. Panpree Phitthanukorn, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. Thank you for taking the time to receive. And hello to all Thai brothers and sisters. Are you happy or not? I'm back. How are you Have the Thai friends who are still stuck talked to each other? Is he still okay?

While Mr. Uthai Saengnuan, Thai labor representative As a representative to talk with the Prime Minister, he said hello to the Prime Minister. Now his morale is much better. While the Prime Minister repeatedly asked how his Thai friends who were still stuck were doing. Do you know any news? The Thai representative replied that right now we really don't know.

The Prime Minister again asked how things were when he was there. Did he take good care of him or not? Or was he in moderation? The Thai representative replied: It's in moderation, which is good, not considered bad.

The Prime Minister further asked that the government under the leadership of Mr. Panpree Has contacts with neighboring countries, especially Malaysia, Qatar and many other countries. So that help can come out as soon as possible. And I'm glad that today has come. And I want all of our friends to come back. If there is any information that can be useful to the Deputy Prime Minister, please leave it as well. But confirm that throughout the period since 7 October, all of us Thais are concerned about all of you. and send encouragement and try to do your best For allowing this day to come, I am happy. As a representative of the Thai people Thank you to the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister said after talking with the released Thai hostages that I feel happy that Thai people have returned and it makes me feel more comfortable. On the night of November 29, they were still trying to contact the security department. with the Supreme Commander Before going to bed, we still talked about the possibility of more coming out. And today it came out again. But I still haven't given up my efforts and everything is still moving forward. and is extremely concerned Because as we all know, at this time there was a ceasefire. If they start shooting again But I want to extend the time. If the time can be extended again, we will have another chance to bring out all Thai people.

Source: Thai News Agency