Visitors to Khao Yai national park warned of elephants in musth

Khao Yai National Park has told visitors to strictly abide by the park's regulation for their own safety as now it is the mating season of wild elephants.

National park chief Kanchit Srinoppawan issued the warning after elephants in the park turned aggressive and fighting each other on Feb 7.

He said the fighting of the bull elephants might start from one wanting to be the leader in the herd.

From this incident, he said visitors to Khao Yai needed to follow the instruction and regulation strictly for their safety during this period which is the mating season of elephants.

He said visitors must not go close to the elephants for selfies, must no apply flash while taking photographs, must not blowing horn while driving, and must not leave their cars when confronting with wild elephant in the park.

Regarding the Feb 7 fighting between two male elephants, Mr Kanchit said one elephant named Plai Duan receives wounds on the eye lid, and Plai Sa-ard suffered broken left tusk.

The broken tusk, weighing about 9.5 kilogrammes, has been kept by the park officials.

He said park rangers are keeping close watch on the two elephants and preventing them from close encounters, while veterinarians were observing the jumbos to see if they need medical intervention.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)