Voice TV ordered off the air for 3 days for alleged one-sided broadcast

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission has suspended the operations of Voice TV for three days for repeatedly presenting one-sided news reports and criticism.

Lt-Gen Phirapong Manakit, a member of the broadcasting regulatory body, said on Monday that the commission decided to pull the plug of the broadcast of Voice TV for three running days for broadcasting in a way which contradicting the regulations of the commission.

He said the commission had warned the TV station on several occasions and yet they were ignored.

The commission cited, for an instance, the broadcast of the fatal shooting of Lahu hilltribe activist Chaiyaphum Tasae which, he said, was one-sided despite the fact that the case is still on going.

Furthermore, he added that the TV station had repeatedly broadcasted in similar one-sided fashion on over ten occasions.

He insisted that the action against Voice TV was done with the discretion of the NBTC, taking into account relevant evidence without any pressure or instruction from the military.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)