Waterborne diseases kill two villagers in Krabi

As flooding continued in several southern provinces, some for over two weeks, flood-stricken residents are now warned of waterborne diseases after two deaths were reported in Krabi province.

Krabi hospital doctor Dr Supoj Phukaoluan said that two people died from Leptospirosis after they have lived in their flood-stricken villages.

They were a male and a female who lived in Krabi provincial seat which were hit by two metres high flood.

Advice has been given to villagers to wash their feet after they wade in dirty water.

Meanwhile Din Daeng subdistrict of Lamtab district is still flooded. The floodwater was between 30 centimetres to 2 metres high.

Authorities have to use the flat bottom boats to distribute the flood relief packages to the flood victims.

More than 700 rais of rubber and palm oil plantations were affected by flooding.

In Phatthalung, highway workers were hastily repairing a damaged section of Phetkasem highway eroded by flashflood.

Trucks dumped rocks and debris in order to fill the collapsed section of Phetkasem Road which was damaged on Khao Phap Pha, between Phatthalung and Trang.

The road was damaged because heavy rain has caused the slide of the soil. The full restoration work could be done after the rain has fully stopped.

In Trang, the flood hit areas have expanded to four districts. Most affected was Nong Trut subdistrict of the provincial seat. The flood kept rising continuously, forcing the villagers to move their belongings and pets to the roofs.

Nong Trut subdistrict was hit by the flood for the fourth round after the flood prevention wall along Trang River has collapsed, causing difficulties to more than 1,000 households.

In the deep South, flood situation at Ban Thung Riang School in Yupo subdistrict of Yala's provincial seat has returned to normal.

Several school could open.

The Office of the Basic Education Commission concluded that the three rounds of flood in southern provinces have affected 2,057 schools, 8 of which have to remain closed, including one school in Surat Thani and seven others in Narathiwat province.

The Office of the Basic Education Commission has appointed a committee to select the flood hit schools to join ICU School Programme. ICU Schools Programme was set up earlier to provide urgently support to upgrade the academic performance of the students.

The Commission has prepared more than 2 billion baht budget to support the rehabilitation works.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)