Weekly Situation Report for the Wet Season in the Mekong River Basin – Prepared on: 14/07/2020, covering the week from 07 June to 13 July 2020

Weather Patterns, General Behaviours of the Mekong River and Outlook Situation

General weather patterns

From 07 to 13 July 2020, there were brought some rainfalls over the LMB. The weather outlook bulletins for the 3 months (Jul-Aug-Sep) and weather maps issued by the Thailand Meteorology Department (TMD) were used to verify the weather condition in the LMB. They expect the low pressures of air mass cells will develop around the Mekong Region in the 3 rd week of this month, resulting above-average rainfall in this period. Moreover, in August and September there will be some tropical cyclones move to dissipate nearby the LMB, which will have abundance of rainfall. Figure 1 presented the weather map on 13 July 2020.

According to the Asian Specialized Meteorological Centre (ASMC), the increased shower rainfall over the Mekong sub-region, above-normal rainfall and hotspot activities are happening and remaining in July 2020. In the southern ASEAN region, rainfall over most parts of the equatorial region is predicted to be above normal from July-August-September 2020.

The predicted above-normal rainfall in the Mekong region is showed in July-August-September 2020. Therefore, from July to August 2020, there will increasing chance from moderate to above average rainfall for most parts of the equatorial region especially in the Mekong region. Figure 2 showed the predicted rainfall in July 2020 in Southeast Asia, which showed the increased above-normal rainfall for the Mekong region.



Source: Mekong River Commission