Well-known Likae folk drama singer Mit Mitchai released on bail for frauds

The Appeals Court today granted bail to a well-known 'likae musical folk drama singer and actor after upholding six-year prison sentence without suspension by the first court for frauds.

Kirirak Somanabaramee, well-known as Mit Mitchai, was granted bail by the Appeals Court with condition that he must not leave the country.

He was earlier sentenced to nine years in prison by the Thanyaburi Provincial Court for frauds in three business cases filed by his ex girlfriend in August last year.

The three cases were fraud in forming 'Likae' drama troupe, making online 'Likae' drama, and making music video.

His ex girlfriend said she was cheated 35 million baht for doing business with him.

The court gave him three years in prison for each case after finding him guilty of fraud.

However the court commuted the sentence by one third to six years in total after he pleaded guilty.

But the demanded compensation was cut to 27 million baht which she has to file civil suit to demand it from him.

At the hearing of the Appeals Court's ruling, it upheld the 6-year sentence with no suspension, but granted him release after he posted 3.5 million baht worth of assets as bail.

The court also banned him from leaving the country pending petition to the Supreme Court.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)