Wild elephants damage houses in Kaeng Hang Maew, Chanthaburi

A herd of 50 wild elephants went on rampage, damaging homes and motorcycles of farmers living at a village in Kaeng Hang Maew district of Chanthaburi before dawn Friday.

One villager Mrs Somsong Nongyai told village headman and district officer that she was awakened from bed after hearing roaring from elephants near the house.

As she was so scared, she didn't come out but looked through the ventilation channel of what was going on.

She said she saw a herd of 50 elephants there and some walked towards her house and destroyed the motorcycles outside.

After that the herd went towards her neighbour's houses.

One neighbour identified as Cherb Suksawat,70, was injured when one elephant stepped on his back.

He shouted for help from other neighbours.

He was not hurt as he managed to escape before the elephants ransacked his house.

The herd also scared away rubber tappers who usually come out to tap in rubber plantations before dawn.

Shouts from him and his neighbours frightened the elephants and forced them to turn to the house of another villager Prasert Channoi, 60, who was drinking coffee.

The elephants ransacked his house, destroying a fridge, cupboard and kitchen.

Local authorities are at the scene to assess the damages and to find way to prevent the wild elephants coming to the village again

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)