WinHEC Taipei is Back to Taiwan in 2015

In-depth discussions with hands-on exploration of Windows 10 on hardware technologies

WinHEC Workshop Taipei will continue in future as Microsoft aims to create cross-platform business opportunities with hardware and software partners in Taiwan

TAIPEI, April 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — After seven years, WinHEC (Windows Hardware Engineering Community) returns with a new format for Windows’ hardware partners. Following the launch event of the series held in Shenzhen in mid-March, WinHEC Workshop Taipei kicks off today (April 7th) with four days of technical training sessions, hands-on labs, and face-to-face technical consultations for Windows 10 hardware developers. WinHEC Workshop Taipei has generated significant interest within the local hardware ecosystem, with nearly 400 invited engineers attending from OEM, ODM, IHV and IBV partners.

Windows 10 is the first operating system that can serve as a cross-device platform; it supports desktop computers, mobile devices, wearable devices, the Internet of Things (IoT); connects and controls various types of devices and creates entirely new business opportunities for Microsoft’s hardware partners in Taiwan. There is no question that Taiwan is a global leader in terms of hardware technology, and with the development of IoT industry, the Windows ecosystem built up over the years by Microsoft and hardware partners in Taiwan has expanded from traditional computers, tablets, mobile devises to wearable devices and the IoT. The fact that Microsoft holds its WinHEC Workshop again in Taipei highlights the importance of its Taiwanese hardware partners in the era of the Internet of Things.

Mujtaba Hamid, Principal Program Manager, Partner & Customer Engagement R&D, Microsoft shares that "whether manufacturing or design capability, the hardware industry in Taiwan has long played a strategic role on the global stage, and Microsoft has closely collaborated with its Taiwanese partners over the years. To build the Windows ecosystem in Taiwan, Microsoft has held different events and forums over the past two decades, for instance, the PlugFest held for 5 consecutive years and the TechDays events. And now after a gap of 7 years, we are re-launching WinHEC Workshop in Taiwan, which not only shows our promise of deepening our presence here, but also signifies that the technical collaboration between Microsoft and its hardware partners here will continue to enable design and manufacturing of great Windows based devices."

"In this WinHEC Workshop Taipei, we will not only share the most novel innovations of Windows 10, but also focus on the hands-on lab practice for hardware devices running on Windows 10, helping hardware/firmware developers, product planners and company decision-makers address issues encountered during development stage through in-depth interactions with Microsoft engineers. This way, hardware devices designed for Windows 10 can be launched with the latest operating system, allowing us to create more business opportunities together," says Anne Yang, Principal PM Manager of Operating System Group at Microsoft Taiwan.

With nearly one hundred companies participating, WinHEC Workshop Taipei will spur Windows 10 business opportunity for Taiwan based hardware engineering partners

Nearly 400 engineers from around a hundred companies have been invited to attend WinHEC Workshop Taipei, April 2015. This event not only focuses on sharing and demonstrating Windows 10 platform and technology, it will also provide indicators on how tech firms can win business via IoT devices operating on Windows 10. In addition, the event includes sessions of hands-on Lab, where participants can have robust interactions and exchange with Microsoft engineers based on their requirements through team practice and testing.

As Miller Chang, Vice President of Advantech Embedded Core Group points out: "Advantech is honored to be invited to partake in this year’s WinHEC Workshop, and I am pleased to see the WinHEC event returning to Taipei. We have personnel register for the training sessions so they can learn the latest Windows technologies. We are also launching Gateway products with Windows 10 IoT capability, which offer a comprehensive IoT solution when they are coupled with Azure." Martin Sun, President of Wacom Technology Solution BU also says: "Wacom has worked closely with Microsoft in pen and writing areas since the time when Windows Tablet PC were first launched. Writing has always been the most original, natural and the easiest way of human communication and self-expression. With the advent of modern technology, Wacom and Microsoft have maintained their commitments to offering users the perfect writing experience. We will be launching a series of pen products that are compatible with Windows 10 DirectInk platform, allowing users a unique experience comparable to that of writing on paper."

Furthermore, in terms of wireless networking, many IT giants are upgrading the interoperability between operating systems and hardware/software and improving efficiency by utilizing the new WDI (Wireless Driver Interface) structure offered by Windows 10. For example, Microsoft’s partner Realtek will soon unveil a series of wireless network chips that use the WDI structure; the chips will support the new Internet application of Hotspot 2.0 as well as Hang Detection Recovery and can effectively improve convenience for users.

Microsoft Windows 10 IoT — Your key success factor in the IoT Era

WinHEC Workshop Taipei 2015 underscores Microsoft’s investment in and services provided via the Internet of Things, including Windows 10 IoT and Azure IoT services. It is expected that Windows 10 IoT, a platform designed for device manufacturers will be launched this summer. Windows 10 is an operating system that can not only run on PCs, tablets, and mobile phones but will also usher in the new era of IoT. Windows 10 supports different types of development boards used by Makers and commercial device builders to quickly bring new IoT devices to life while allowing hardware manufacturers and social communities to have an opportunity to shine in the constantly evolving world of the IoT. From small gateway devices to POS systems, Windows 10 can be adopted to enhance a wide range of devices, such as robots or specific medical equipment. Windows 10 IoT provides a platform with enterprise-grade security that integrates devices with the cloud. With Microsoft’s Azure IoT service, companies are able to set up IoT easily by using the service on their existing IT assets, and start the link and communication among the devices and between them and the cloud.

After Windows 10 is released, Microsoft will launch a new version of Windows for small device that will be free for Makers and commercial device builders to unlock new scenarios. In collaboration with Raspberry Pi, Intel and Qualcomm, Microsoft will provide a series of development boards for manufacturers, helping partners to bring Windows 10 to the internet of things. With Windows 10 integrating the support for various devices including desktop, mobile, wearable, and the IoT devices, the application of sensors in each of these devices has become more important. Windows 10 is able to support both the traditional and newer types of sensors, making its support to sensors all inclusive. Vishay Capella also works with Microsoft, whose UV sensor products will support all platforms that operate on Windows 10. Furthermore, with even closer collaboration with Microsoft, STMicroelectronics has made all of its humidity sensors compatible with Windows 10, thus providing a comprehensive solution to environment sensors used in homes, in an industrial environment or on mobile devices.

The WinHEC Workshop Taipei is re-launched after 7 years, which signifies Microsoft’s commitment and investment in collaborating with its local partners. Microsoft aims to encourage the trend of the Internet of Things with Taiwan IT companies by sharing the latest technology and having robust exchanges. Moreover, WinHEC Workshop Taipei will be organized regularly, providing more useful information to local IT companies. The next WinHEC event will be scheduled in May 2015. For more information please visit the official event website:

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