Winners of “2014 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award” Announced

Top-tier brands are setting the trend of technical innovation

BERLIN, Germany, September 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Today, the highly-anticipated 2014 Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA) held its opening ceremony in Berlin, Germany. As the first grand gathering for the global consumer electronics industry in the second half of 2014 and the single largest consumer electronics trade fair in the world, it attracted exhibitors and visitors from different countries. On the first day of the show, German Industry and Commerce Ltd. and IDG jointly announced the winners of the “2014 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award”, drawing the attention of more than 500 top-tier media from around the world and the global consumer electronics industry. Nine companies, including TCL, Changhong, Haier, Samsung, LG, BOE, Siemens, Philips and Galanz, received a total of 11 awards, and they displayed strong technical innovation capabilities to the consumer electronics industry.

“IFA Product Technical Innovation Award”, initiated jointly by German Industry and Commerce Ltd. and IDG, is a worldwide selection of consumer electronics brands and an authoritative international platform of communication, exhibition and cooperation. The 2014 session is the first time this event took place. Based on online voting, evaluation and horizontal comparison by professional assessment labs, and rating by the judge panel composed of experts from the consumer electronics industry, it conducted a full-scope review of the global consumer electronics industry in 2014. Finally, TCL won the Quantum Dot Display Tech Gold Award, Changhong won the Smart Home Appliances Innovation Gold Award, Haier won the Healthy Food Preservation Tech Gold Award and the Smart Tech Gold Award, Samsung won the UE Gold Award, LG won the Environmental Friendly Refrigeration Tech Gold Award, BOE won the Display Tech Gold Award, Siemens won the Energy Efficiency Gold Award, Philips won the LED Display Tech Gold Award, and Galanz won the Efficient Heating Tech Gold Award and Industrial Design Gold Award. Receiving the “2014 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award” trophies from Miss IFA and showing the world the newest consumer electronics products on the technology innovation frontier of 2014, the nine brands will continue to fascinate users with the glamor of consumer electronics products.

With the rapid advent of the third industrial revolution, the world has entered an age characterized by accelerated nurturing and convergence of new technologies and new industries. The Internet of Things, cloud computing and mobile Internet are, and will continue to be, the token of the next-generation information technology, whose constant improvement and innovation are forcefully driving the fast growth of the global consumer electronics industry. Led by next-generation information technology, the new era of consumer electronics becomes smart, in-the-cloud, thin and fast, in the direction of “cloud” and “point-to-point”. In this process, increasingly more consumer electronics products are pushed towards convergence by brand new technologies. The “2014 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award”, with the theme “To Showcase Cutting-edge High Tech”, is an arena for global consumer electronics brands to showcase their technology and innovation capabilities. Under this new industrial trend, it will propel the consumer electronics industry to upgrade and become smart and innovative, thus further optimizing product features, brand images and user experiences. Enterprises in this industry are able to adjust technology and achieve sustainable development, with opportunities created for them to obtain supremacy in a globalized market.

IFA is one of the largest and most influential international audio-video and consumer electronics exhibitions in the world. First held in 1924, it is the most important platform for manufacturers and merchants of consumer electronic products from different countries to get together every year and show their latest products and technologies, as well as the most preferred choice for purchasers, wholesalers and retailers in Europe to get to know and make purchasing decisions. It is also the most important information exchange market and consulting platform of the consumer electronics industry. Among the exhibitors are top leaders in the home appliances industry, and among more than 240,000 visitors there are large-size purchasing groups from Europe and partners in the electronics industry, as well as more than 500 top-notch media from around the world. At 2013 IFA, contracts valued at more than 4 billion euros were signed.

At IFA 2014, winners of the “2014 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award” and their prize-winning products will receive coverage from top-tier media when presenting their R&D capabilities. They will also have opportunities to discuss cooperation possibilities with world-renowned consumer electronics brands, find international partners, and mount a global top-notch platform to further drive their sustainable development.

Jennifer Xu, Vice President of IDG Asia, said at the awards ceremony, “Recognizing the importance of new IT trends and the global consumer electronics market, German Industry and Commerce Ltd. and IDG organized the”2014 IFA Product Technical Innovation Awards” at the IFA as a thorough evaluation of the innovation capabilities of global consumer electronics brands in 2014. The nine prize-winning companies have caught the attention of the industry worldwide in regards to both technology and innovation capability. Today, under the backdrop of next-generation information technology sweeping the world and being confronted by challenges from IT companies, players in the consumer electronics market have to speed up innovation and lead technological trends if they want to achieve effective development in the future. With this event, we also hope to further elevate the comprehensive strengths of the global consumer electronics industry and their sustainable competitiveness, and demonstrate their power in technology innovation.”

In the Internet age, the global consumer electronics industry embraces a new round of development opportunities as cloud computing, big data, wearable devices and other technologies and applications are evolving rapidly. Consumer electronics companies around the world have made remarkable achievements in both product development and technology innovation, as illustrated by the 2014 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award. We believe the global consumer electronics industry, headed by these prize-winning companies, will continue to present more wonders to the world.