Work on royal crematorium is progressing

The work plan for the construction of the royal crematorium for the late King BhumibolAdulyadej is progressing on schedule and is expected to finish construction in September next year.

This was disclosed by deputy prime minister in charge of the construction of the crematorium Gen TanasakPatimapragon yesterday.

As the NNT reported, Gen Tanasak made site inspection at SanamLuang where the royal crematorium will be built to see ground work now undertaken by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

Gen Tanasak said that the committee in charge of the construction of the royal crematorium is scheduled to hold its first meeting on November 28.

The meeting will discuss the progress of all stages of work in order to ensure perfection

He also said the committee might allow members of the public with craftsmanship skills and proven capabilities to help in the construction process.

He said a portion of SanamLuang designated as the location of the royal crematorium is expected to be handed over to the committee by the second week of January.

He said the government would set a deadline for completion of the construction in September of next year.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)