World Vision Cambodia: COVID-19 Emergency Response Situation Report #11 – 16 July 2020

Government Directives

  • Thailand and Laos borders remain closed to Cambodia, while the ban on cross-border movement between Cambodia and Vietnam have lifted.
  • All public schools remain closed till late November 2020.
  • Ban on all religious gatherings in the country, effective on 17 March
  • Ban all activities or meetings with more than 50 people (17 March)
  • The Government has decided to charge 3,000$ deposit for all foreign visitors for quarantine and tests.

Government Response

  • Formed the COVID-19 Steering Committee at the national and sub-national level
  • COVID-19 steering committee pre-identified hotels/guest houses and schools to be 14-day quarantine and treatment service centers
  • Awareness raising campaign is being conducted regularly in each province through social, mainstream media, and smart phone messaging
  • Approved the draft law on the State of Emergency to contain the outbreak
  • To respond to the economic impact of COVID-19 on poor families, the Royal Government of Cambodia decided to strengthen the IDPoor Programme and provide cash transfers.



Source: World Vision