Yiwu Fair – An Alternative to the Canton Fair

YIWU, China, Oct. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — As osmanthus blossoms in autumn, the 20th Yiwu Fair has basically completed the preparatory work and is equipped for the grand opening. The show, to be held from Oct. 21-25 this year, is one of the most influential and effective consumer products exhibitions.  It has successfully held 19 sessions in the previous years. With its own unique charm, it also attracted numerous domestic and foreign buyers, and developed as an important platform for many enterprises to exploit both the international and the domestic market.

Special Characteristics of Yiwu Fair

As the first major international exhibition in China, the Canton Fair is considered as a barometer of foreign trade. Relying on the Yiwu market, the Yiwu Fair has become a global commodity benchmark. Yiwu Fair’s advantage lies in Yiwu’s unique regional economy. Hardware; electronic and electrical appliances; knitwear; jewelry and jewelry accessories; crafts; daily necessities; culture, sports & outdoor leisure products; and other industries are showcased in the Yiwu Fair. Through industrial agglomeration advantages, merchants can save a good deal of procurement cost.

In addition, the Yiwu market has a closely-related trade link between the domestic and the foreign markets. Over the years, Yiwu Fair has always seized foreign organizations’ work, and emphasized on increasing the number of quality international buyers. The natural advantage of the Yiwu Fair shall not be ignored by purchasers — 75,000 booths with 1.8 million kinds of commodities.

Complementary Relationship between Yiwu Fair and Canton Fair

Since Yiwu Fair has upgraded as an international exhibition in 2002, foreign buyers flock to participate in it and trade opportunities rise with time. According to statistics, the 19th Yiwu Fair attracted a total of 196,957 customers from 203 countries and regions, an increase of 1.76%, where the number of foreign businessman is 22,201, an increase of 6.3%. Until now, these two Fairs have their own advantages and each complement each other.

Many merchants see the Yiwu Fair as a possible alternative to the Canton Fair. The two Fairs are conceived as highly complementary to each other in three aspects: 1) the exhibiting enterprises; 2) the purchasers; and 3) the exhibition time.

It is believed that after many years of accumulation, Yiwu Fair has gained irreplaceable significance in the global business market.

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