Zhaopin.com Releases the 2014 List of China’s Most Popular Employers Among College Graduates

SANYA, China, Dec.16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Zhaopin.com recently took a poll among college graduates of China’s best employers and announced the winners at its 2014 award ceremony, an annual event that is frequently referred to as the "Oscars" of the HR industry. The award ceremony has just come to a successful conclusion in Sanya with Lenovo Group, China Telecom, A.O.Smith, Geely Automobile, ZTE, PwC, Asustek Computer, Yango Group, eLong and Shanghai Disney Resort as the ten companies deemed the winners of the distinction as the employers most popular among college graduates.

During Zhaopin.com’s survey of the most popular employers of this year, a special emphasis was placed on the career aspirations of the latest crop of graduates. The findings revealed that foreign companies are the most popular career choice with 36 percent saying they would like to work at such a company. It is easy to understand as the advanced management philosophy, better organizational structure, focus on the individual abilities of employee and simpler interpersonal relationship between employees at foreign firms are major contributors to their popularity among the college grads.

Compared with the huge appeal of foreign firms to the graduates, public sector organizations (what is referred to as "within the system") are becoming less attractive to college graduates year by year. In the past three years, the percentage of college graduates expecting to work in the public sector, whether it be a state-owned enterprise, a government office or a public institution, has dropped from 54 percent in 2012 to 36 percent in 2014, with more and more college graduates hoping to pursue their career "outside the system", preferring foreign firms, private companies or starting their own businesses. We can see the trends developing among the growing number of post-90s entrepreneurs, providing us with a glimpse of what the future portends in terms of career choices among college graduates.

Reflecting on the ten most popular employers among the grads, only two are "within the system" while those drawing more attention are foreign and and private companies which boast optimized management mechanisms and can give employees enough room where they can nurture their own skillsets, such as at PwC and eLong.