Move forward and talk. Cancel Schengen visa

Samyan Mitrtown, Prime Minister moves forward with talks. Cancellation of Schengen visas abroad Confirm that it is fully working. and want it to actually happen Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Discussing the progress of the Schengen visa which is a visa used to travel into and out of European countries. Currently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Still moving forward and working continuously. As I said before, I talked with President of Switzerland and the Prime Minister of Belgium including the President of the EU Parliament To request that the lives of Thai people in the EU be improved. In order to support the tourism exchange of the people of both countries. It is believed that Mr. Panpree Phhitanukorn, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs It is in progress. However, we still don't want to say how likely this is. But it is confirmed that it is fully working. and want it to actually happen It is scheduled to travel to Germany and France in March. There will be further discussion. This matter takes some time. Because of the Chinese visa that people have said is not possible. But the government was able to succeed. including with the Indian authorities If they are ready, they will talk about the free visa as well. Source: Thai News Agency

Keep an eye on next month’s hot politics in the parliament.

Parliament, "Wanchai" keeps an eye on March. Politics in the House of Representatives will fight fiercely. There will be many bills to consider. Senators interrogate the government without voting, fearing that the draft bill will revive old cases that The National Anti-Corruption Commission has closed. Possibly causing the country to split into unity. As for amending the constitution If the government and the opposition join hands, they can win the Senate. Mr. Wanchai Sonsiri, member of the Senate (Senator), gave his opinion on the political situation, stating that in mid-February From now on there will be a draft of the Emergency Decree. Two bills are on the agenda for consideration at the joint meeting of Parliament: The Act on Prevention and Suppression of Corruption and the Draft Act on Criminal Procedure for Persons Holding Political Positions One group agreed, but the Senate strongly disagreed. Because they fear that this law will cause conflict in society. It is a resumption of the complaint against the NACC. It has already been terminated. Around March there will be laws such as amending the 2017 constitution and additional amendments. Referendum Act Including the Budget Act enter into consideration and the Senate's general debate on March 25. 'As for the different opinions of the senators on the proposed amendment to the constitution It's hot. Because it will be a way to amend the constitution. And there may be a Constitutional Drafting Assembly (MP), including the Referendum Act, which will be seen to have been well scrutinized. and it is considered a referendum that is actually a referendum. Otherwise, if 10-20% of people come to vote in the referendum, then it is considered a referendum. It should not be consistent with the word referendum. So there will be quite a bit of fighting. It's just that the government and the opposition parties If we combine our votes together, we will definitely win the Senate,' Mr. Wanchai said. Source: Thai News Agency

Suggests increasing penalties for laws protecting important people

Parliament, "Senator Somchai" stated that penalties should be increased for the law protecting important persons. Ji Kaoklai made it clear that he did not agree with the group disrupting the royal procession. Stop supporting activities that violate the law. Mr. Somchai Sawangkarn, a member of the Senate (Senator), mentioned the case of one of the Talu Wang activists showing inappropriate behavior during the royal procession, saying it was a clear violation of the law and disrespect for security measures. It is seen that the nature of the law to protect important persons must be improved by increasing the penalties. There is already a law that can be implemented. Therefore, the law must be enforced correctly. If legal action is not taken, it may create further conflict in society. 'The leader of the Progressive Party recently expressed his disapproval of the group of people who were carrying out activities and disrupting the royal procession. In the past, I saw that many activists had the support of the Pro gressive Party behind them. Therefore, it can be seen that the Progressive Party's guidelines for amending Section 112 of the Criminal Law have hidden implications. Important things of the progressive party This time is to inform the masses that any type of action is inappropriate and allow the relevant officials to take action according to the law. This will be a clear gesture that the Progressive Party is loyal to the institution. Which is only talking but not taking action. It can be seen that the Progressive Party supports the actions of activists who violate the institution. For example, in the case of Mr. Pitha Limjaroenrat bails out activist Should stop pushing for amnesty under Criminal Law Section 112, including instigating amendments to Criminal Law Section 112 as well. Source: Thai News Agency

Please find a way to reduce electricity costs for farmers to use in agriculture.

House, "Anutin", Minister of the Interior, reveals that the Prime Minister has asked him to find a way to reduce the cost of electricity for farmers to use in agriculture. Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Went to meet with Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. along with Mr. Orasit Samphantharat, Director-General of the Department of Provincial Administration In the area connecting the Thai Khu Fah Building After listening to a statement on the progress of the results of solving the debt problem throughout the system, the Prime Minister has left the matter of considering the calculation of electricity rates as a special case to farmers. To help with farming during this time Because farmers want to use electric water pumps to bring a lot of water for use in agriculture, Mr. "Anutin" said that the Prime Minister entrusted it to the Director-General of the Department of Provincial Administration. As a board member of the Provincial Electricity Auth ority (PEA) Board, we went to discuss ways to help in this matter. It is possible to do so and will consider helping farmers in all areas. Because the rain must fall all over the sky. Source: Thai News Agency

Ask the council to improve the efficiency of providing protection to the royal procession.

Parliament,, Spokesman of the RTSC reiterates that the House of Representatives should consider improving the efficiency of providing protection to the Royal Procession this week. Mr. Akradet Wongpitakroj, Ratchaburi MP, Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party As a party spokesperson Reiterated this week's meeting of the House of Representatives. that the Ruam Thai Party builds the nation Urgent motions will be presented verbally. Let the House of Representatives consider improving the efficiency of providing protection to the royal procession and the royal procession, which has initially been discussed with the government coalition parties. The Bhumjaithai Party and the Palang Pracharat Party and will discuss with the Pheu Thai Party which is the next leading party It is expected that It will be available for consideration this Wednesday (Feb. 14). As for whether there will be a proposal to amend the law or increase the punishment for wrongdoing or not. Mr. Akradet said Will have to wait for the motion that Mr. Ekkana t Promphan, list of MPs Ruam Thai Sang Chat Party As party secretary Will present verbally and wait for discussion at the meeting. Source: Thai News Agency

Warning to Thai people abroad Behind the call center Pretending to be an embassy official

Royal Thai Embassy in Washington, United States, 11 Feb. - "Thani" warns Thai people abroad. Check if you find a call center impersonating an embassy-consul official, revealing that "Panpree" is preparing to discuss cyber security with the United States. Reporters reported that on February 11, 2024 at 7:00 p.m. (local time in Washington, United States, which is 12 hours later than Thailand), Mr. Thani Saengrat, Thai Ambassador in Washington, discussed the case of the call center gang. Plague disguised as consul general Deceiving Thai people abroad that officials of the Royal Thai Embassy in Washington were also impersonated, similar to the case of the Consul General. Los Angeles We have tried to trace it back to where it came from. Regarding cyber crime (Cyber ??Crime) and cyber security (Cyber ??Security), it is an issue that Mr. Panpree Phitthanukorn, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Discussed with the Thai team and the 3 armed forces and will talk with the US side. tomorrow (Feb. 12) because the United States has made progress in cyber security. There will also be a discussion on upgrading the Cyber ??Security Command Center. The Thai Ambassador in Washington warns that if there is a case of pretending to call from the embassy Consulate General in various places Check that Is it really a call from the embassy? By having the check come to the embassy. and the Consulate General directly, which has a LINE including a hotline (HOT LINE) that can be checked 24 hours a day, which is considered to protect Thai people abroad. It is believed that there are more Thai people in the United States who may have been deceived by call center gangs than are reported in the news. But at this time there are no exact numbers. Ready to believe Technology crime is a matter in the United States. will cooperate with Thailand because it is a matter in which he has high capabilities 'Currently, Thai-US relations are rising and moving closer together, which Ms. Gina Raimondo, US Secretary of Commerce I have plans to travel to Thailand. and Thailand and the United States There is a discussion forum called 2+2 at the level of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. and the level of Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defense We believe that we will discuss all issues at the end of February, including cyber security,' Mr. Thani said. Source: Thai News Agency

Work proactively to make Thai industry compete on the world stage.

Government House, The Prime Minister presents the 2023 Industry Awards, confirming that the government will proactively adjust work methods and move forward with opening the export market. To enable Thai industry to compete on the world stage to its fullest potential. Not inferior to anyone Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Presiding over the 2023 Industry Awards Ceremony, with 14 award categories, including 1 Outstanding Industry Award, Outstanding Industry Award, divided into 9 categories, consisting of Productivity Increasing Category, Environmental Quality Maintenance Category, Safety Management Category, Quality management, energy management, logistics and supply chain management, future industries and services, social responsibility, and circular economy The Outstanding Small and Medium Industry Award is divided into 4 categories, consisting of good management category, creative product development category, innovative technology management category, and international busines s management category. The Prime Minister gave a sermon thanking the Ministry of Industry for being the main agency for development. and raise the level of industrial potential in Thailand along with congratulating entrepreneurs who received awards during the time the government took over the country's administration It is considered a good opportunity for the Thai economy to grow. and has a tendency to improve This comes from the expansion of private consumption in almost every product category. Especially the service category related to domestic tourism. The soft power industry sector is driving the economy in many dimensions. As for the industrial sector The government has always been aware of its importance to the country's economic development. which is a source of employment And most importantly, it is the economic sector that generates the most income for Thailand. It is also a breeding ground for technological knowledge to advance. and spread to other sectors accumulation of experience And the exper tise of Thai entrepreneurs makes the Thai industry second to none in the world. The government places importance on developing the potential of Thai industry. To compete in the world By using the knowledge base creatively Reducing production costs Skill development and modern management Including creating a business environment that is conducive to investment. To support the readiness of the Thai industrial sector to exploit its full potential. 'The government will help and support growth in exports. It will help move forward to open more export markets. Through the signing of FTA agreements with various countries. At the same time, it will help drive the enhancement of potential through attracting foreign investment. This will give you new skills. and high value supply chains has increased, pushing the Thai industrial sector to become more skilled The government supports the industrial transition to a greener environment. This is in line with the goal that Thailand will be carbon neutral in the future,' the Prime Minister said. The Prime Minister also said that the work of this government will be proactive. Change the way the system works will take the owner of the company and many industrial developers Go out and do more business on the world stage. which is the hope of this government If there is an investment partner who will invest in the country Let's work together to develop Thai industry for the better in the future. The government is happy to provide support in every dimension. It is believed that this will be a new dimension in proactive work that will raise the Thai industrial sector to compete. and not inferior to anyone on the world stage We also ask that the award recipients maintain this standard of operation regularly. To gain international recognition and lead Thai industry to further develop towards sustainability. Source: Thai News Agency