Buddhism Office to blacklist defrocked monks

Defrocked monks will be blacklisted and prohibited from re-ordination, the Office of the National Buddhism says.

Mr Boonchit Kititarangkura

Office director Boonchit Kititarangkura said defrocked monks will be put on the blacklist so that they could not return to monkhood again.

He said banning defrocked monks to become monks again would start from the first day when they apply for ordination.

His preceptor must first check the 13-digit identification card number of the applicant with relevant government agencies if he had any criminal records which will take 15 minutes to know.

If the check shows he has criminal records, the Royal Thai Police will be alerted.

He said currently there are 39,883 temples in the country, 290,000 monks, 59,587 novices, and 61,746,429 Buddhists.

A Buddhism academic Associate Professor Danai Preechapermprasit welcomed the blacklisting of defrocked monks.

He suggested that the blacklisting of defrocked monks should also cover monks who committed the gravest transgression of the Buddhism rules abroad, and monks who committed wrongdoings and still are not told to leave monkhood.

The four gravest sins subject to be defrocked are to commit sexual intercourse, robbery, murder, and extraordinary performance.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)