Car drivers tested with over 50 milligrame percent alcohol will not be covered by insurance

Drunk drivers are warned that they will not be covered by insurance if they are involved in road accidents in the near future.

Mr Sutthiphol Thaveechaikarn, secretary-general of the Office of Insurance Commission, disclosed on Tuesday that the commission would issue an announcement tentatively end of this week to exempt insurance coverage for automotive drivers who are found to have alcoholic content in their blood not exceeding 50 milligramme percent instead of not exceeding 150 milligramme percent.

He pointed out that the existing regulation in insurance policy putting alcoholic content in blood at not exceeding 150 milligramme percent does not correspond with the Land Traffic Act which states that a car driver is regarded as drunk when he/she is tested with alcoholic content in blood exceeding 50 milligramme percent.

This means that drunk drivers who are tested with more than 50 milligramme percent alcoholic content in blood will not be covered by insurance and will have to bear the cost of damage themselves if they are engaged in a road accident, explained Mr Sutthiphol.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)