CeBIT 2015: TCL Communication Announces the Release of Their Smart Home System and Commercial Cloud Platform Solution; Establishing an Open Smart Ecosystem

HONG KONG, March 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — TCL Communication Technology Holdings Limited ("TCL Communication" or the "Company", together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, collectively referred to as the "Group"; HKSE stock code: 02618) announced today at the conclusion of the 2015 Mobile World Congress that it had unveiled at the exhibition this year’s new flagship smartphone IDOL 3in addition to receiving the top iF Design Award for their wearable device WATCH, fully displaying its strength as the world’s fourth-largest mobile phone manufacturer.

On March 16 2015, at the world’s largest international consumer electronics, communications and information technology fair CeBIT 2015, TCL Communication showcased two of its new Internet applications and services; the Smart Home system and a commercial cloud-based HD video communications platform. It is understood that TCL Communication will leverage on its solid mobile terminal business and industry competitiveness to fully extend into the mobile Internet arena, making commitments to creating an open-ended smart ecosystem.

At the exhibition site, China Deputy Prime Minister MA Kai and German Vice-Chancellor Sigmar GABRIEL jointly visited the TCL booth located in the central pavilion of the exhibition. Dr. Guo Aiping, Senior Vice President of TCL Group and Chief Executive Officer of TCL Communication demonstrated its TCL Smart Home system, as well as provided updates the VIP delegates on the developments in the organization’s core technologies and global operations.

Deputy Prime Minister Ma Kai (left) and MIIT Minister Miao Wei (right) visit the TCL booth

Deputy Prime Minister Ma Kai (left) and MIIT Minister Miao Wei (right) visit the TCL booth

Unlike other manufacturers who may need to establish cross-industry platforms in order to develop a smart home system, TCL Smart Home ecosystem has a natural advantage over its industry peers. Leveraging on the established multi-industry portfolio of businesses within the TCL Group, TCL Communication will use its mobile smart device as an entry point to establishing a Smart Home ecosystem. Using the preloaded "Smart Butler" as the management platform and control centre, the fully 3-dimensional home network layout will combine TCL televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, air purifiers, routers, lamps,and other smart appliances in its extensive range to achieve real-time monitoring and remote control.

More importantly, this will be an open-ended smart home ecosystem, which can achieve inter-operability across brands. TCL is actively involved in the development of smart home appliance interconnectivity agreements and formulation of the smart home industry standards, to drive improvements in the development of the smart home appliance industry to make it universal and available to all consumers.

With the help of TCL TV+’s extensive database of rich entertainment content and based on the information collected by the smart EPG and cloud video conferencing service, the system can recommend media content tailored specifically to each family member’s preference. TCL smart refrigerators, air conditioners and air purifiers connected to the smart watch and armband can achieve real-time smart health management based on the different food and air requirements of every family member. TCL Smart Home will truly bring a smarter, healthier and higher quality of life to every family. It is reported that TCL Group, TCL Communication and TCL Multimedia jointly established a joint venture on the TCL Smart Home project. This new company will be solely responsible for the development and operation of the TCL Smart Home business, and will become one of the Group’s most important strategic projects in the transformation of the Internet business.

Another service introduced at the exhibition by TCL Communication in cooperation with Cisco is its commercial cloud platform solution, a multi-party HD video service that aims to provide users with a high-quality collaborative communications platform. This is an important strategic initiative for TCL Communications and Cisco in establishing a commercial-based cloud platform. This smart mobile cross-terminal platform will be accessible across multiple sources, coupled with PC and professional quality video and TV to achieve specialized commercial grade video communications, providing real-time data delivery and remote communication services. This service will be widely used for corporate multi-party video conferencing, online education, remote customer service support, remote medical service, family and personal video communications, and various other forms of communications.

Dr. Guo Aiping, Chief Executive Officer of TCL Communication, said: "Our business is quickly extending from smart mobile devices into the web-based mobile internet industry as a whole. Using our mobile business as an entry point, we will complement our business through the development of wearable devices, third-party mobile payment systems, smart home systems and cloud platforms. Together with our partners, and based on smart devices and services, we hope to establish a truly open-ended smart ecosystem."

About TCL Communication

TCL Communication Technology Holdings Limited ("TCL Communication" or the "Company"; HKSE stock code: 02618) together with its subsidiaries and its affiliates (collectively the "Group") designs, manufactures and markets an expanding portfolio of mobile and internet products worldwide under two key brands – ALCATEL ONETOUCH and TCL. The Group‟s portfolio of products is currently sold in China and over 170 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, TCL Communication operates its highly efficient manufacturing plant and R&D centers in various provinces of the PRC. It employs over 14,000 people in China, Hong Kong and overseas.

TCL Communication is one of the few companies in Hong Kong or Mainland China who owns or licenses 2G, 2.5G, 2.75G, 3G and 4G patented technologies. It is also able to independently develop products and solutions for the GSM, GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA and LTE. For more information, please visit its website at

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