Chinese Enterprises Shoulder Greater Global Responsibilities

BEIJING, November 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — On Oct. 28, Perfect World and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) signed an agreement to launch a cultural exchange program to promote inter-culture dialogues and achieve the “rapprochement of cultures”. Ms Yuyun Wang, Senior Vice President of Beijing Perfect World Network Technology Co. Ltd, and Jacques Rao, Director of UNESCO Governing Bodies Secretariat, signed the agreement in Paris. It was the latest high-level participation of Chinese companies in international public service activities. UNESCO officials including Mr Ping Hao, President of UNESCO’s 37th General Conference, and Mr Yue Du, Secretary-General of the National Commission of the People’s Republic of China for UNESCO, also attended thesigning ceremony.

Founded in 1946, UNESCO is the largest and most influential international organization in the field of education, science and culture. China’s participation in UNESCO has been increasing since the 1970s, when the two sides started cooperation. This year, frequent interactions between UNESCO and China’s institutions and companies suggested a new level of support by China to the work of UNESCO.

Mr. Ping Hao should get the credit for making these exciting changes. In November 2013, Mr Ping Hao, who is also the vice minister of China’s Ministry Education, was elected as President of UNESCO’s 37th General Conference, the first time a Chinese delegate elected to the position in UNESCO’s 68 years of history. It suggested that China would no longer be a bystander but an active participator, a change that would have far-reaching impact.

For instance, the UNESCO World Heritage list has brought about better protection on China’s cultural relics and boosted local tourism. The latest inscriptions of the Grand Canal and the Silk Road have helped with their brand-building and offered a window for the world to better understand Chinese culture and traditions.

According to CNG, China’s Hainan Airlines in February made donations to UNESCO via the Hainan Liberation Commonweal Foundation to support the work on woman and girl protection in Asia and Africa, paving the way for greater parity between sexes in middle school education and in adult illiteracy reduction. The financial support will help girls and women in these regions get access to education, aiding in the global campaign for better education for girls and women.

Also earlier this year, with the help of UNESCO, China established a trust for teacher training in Africa. Moreover, China also began sending specialized professionals to UNESCO with the purpose of sharing knowledge and wisdom from different cultural backgrounds and injecting vitality into the organization. These programs showed China has attached greater importance to UNESCO, with which the two sides has expanded cooperation. Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to the UNESCO headquarters also reflects the Chinese leaders’ stress on soft-power building advocated by UNESCO. It suggests that China would work with UNESCO to play a more important role in international affairs.

Themed “rapprochement of cultures”, the program by UNESCO and Perfect World aims to promote cultural and educational exchanges among nations. By trying to open a new route for such exchanges, it exemplifies the active participation of Chinese companies in UNESCO work. Just as Mr. Rao said at the signing ceremony, the donation by Perfect World again demonstrated China’s close cooperation with the UNESCO, after Xi’s visit and lecture-giving. It also heralds a new era for UNESCO, which will soon mark its 70thanniversary.

At the ceremony, Mr. Pin Hao also expressed wishes that the project will herald more participation by Perfect World in UNESCO work, and that the enterprise can cooperate with UNESCO in more fields to make China a powerful force in safeguarding world peace.

UNESCO has offered an important stage for each country to promote its global image and influence. An important goal of China’s participation in the UNESCO work is to introduce a real, open and fast-changing China to the world and help the country exert greater influence. More power of China has been channeled into the global cause since Mr. Hao was elected as general conference president, with more of Chinese governmental organizations, institutions and enterprises now showing enthusiasm in working with the UNESCO, and their cooperation is getting more pragmatic and richer in forms. Mr. Hao once said: “China had the dream of ‘greater harmony of the world’ since ancient times. During my tenure as president, I hope to work with my colleagues to make new efforts to reduce poverty, promote inter-culture dialogues and push for sustainable development.”

Just as Mr. Hao wished, UNESCO can play a more active role in promoting education, technical innovation and preserving cultural diversity. It is our belief that in the near future, as the cooperation between China and UNESCO deepens and widens, a more open and rising China will embrace the world with more confidence and be warmly welcomed by the world.