Cogobuy – Becomes Supply Chain Service Platform of Zhongguancun Science Park

HONG KONG, March 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — A leading e-commerce company dedicated to serving China’s electronics manufacturing industry, Cogobuy Group ("Cogobuy" or the "Company", stock code: 400.HK) operates the largest transaction-based e-commerce platform for IC and other electronic components in China. platform (Hardeggs platform), a one-stop Internet of Things ("IoT") innovation business platform of the Company, will be included as one of the public service platforms of intelligent hardware center in Beijing’s Zhongguancun Science Park ("Zhongguancun"). Through the platform, Zhongguancun’s innovation projects can connect with supply chain resources in China.

Often referred to as "China’s Silicon Valley," Zhongguancun is a high-tech industrial center in the heart of China, dedicated to lead the development of the country’s high-tech industry. On March 27, the Zhongguancun Science Park Administrative Committee will convene a conference on the policy of the intelligent hardware industry to announce the establishment of Zhongguancun intelligent hardware center. The center will provide better public services as a platform to innovation projects based in Zhongguancun. Cogobuy, as well as JD.COM and other large Internet enterprises, is included in the public service platform, which is designed to provide supply chain support and all-round services for innovation projects. After becoming a part of the public service platform of Zhongguancun, all high-tech and innovative hardware enterprises will cooperate with, getting supply chain support through the platform. This will not only provide developmental opportunities for to expand its customer base, but also significantly increase the number of orders for Cogobuy in the future.

Mr. Jeffrey Kang, CEO of Cogobuy Group, said: "With the Chinese government providing a series of policies to support the Internet industry, introducing an action plan of ‘Internet Plus’ and facilitating the integration of the Internet and traditional industries, the next few years will see tremendous opportunities for Internet start-ups as well as intelligent hardware entrepreneurs. We believe that the new era of IoT has come and intelligent hardware market will become a new frontier for China’s future development. We also believe that the size of intelligent hardware market will grow rapidly. As the development of ‘Internet Plus’ progresses, we expect Cogobuy will still be in the stage of rapid development in 2015. Remarkably, our supply chain financing business, launched just last September, has already recorded significant growth and we see ample room for future development. Since the beginning of 2015, all of our business lines have performed well and we have full confidence in the future."

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Cogobuy Group is a leading e-commerce company dedicated to serving the electronics manufacturing industry in China. The Company operates the largest transaction-based e-commerce platform for IC and other electronic components in China as measured by GMV in 2013. Through the e-commerce platform, including a direct sales platform, an online marketplace and a dedicated team of technical consultants and professional sales representatives, the Company provides customers with comprehensive online and offline services across pre-sale, sale and post-sale stages. The Company serves mainly SME electronics manufacturers.

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About is an online and offline platform focusing on the hardware innovation sector. The platform provides information of hardware innovation, knowledge of the supply chain and supply chain demand docking for IoT innovation entrepreneurs. It is a one-stop hardware innovation business platform with its core being the "supply chain".

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