Defiant monks told to stop obstructing DSI to search the temple

The National Office of Buddhism this morning puts up sign boards on roads around theDhammakaya temple prohibiting monks to assemble and obstruct authorities to perform their duties.

Written in three languages, Thai, English and Chinese, the office warned that any illegal assembly to obstruct the work of authorities is against the law.

The sign boards were erected on road along Klong L canal and in front of temple’s west gate.

Meanwhile border patrol police also manned KlongLuang market, and set up checkpoint to screen people and monks before allowing them to pass through.

This morning monks and followers continued to defy the order of the National Office of Buddhism and gathered to pray and demand the lifting of Section 44.

Hundreds of police and soldiers are still confronting the defiant monks and followers in front of the temple at Gate 7.

Officials of the Department of Special Investigation and police are still unable to enter the temple to search Zone B where they suspected that the stubborn PhraDhammachayo is still hiding as mobile signal of his private cellular phone number was intercepted.

Earlier yesterday a former close aide to the stubborn monk Dr Mano Laohavanich who defected from the Dhammakaya temple claimed PhraDhammachayo is still inside the temple.

He said he learned from a source at the temple who disclosed that a very close aide of PhraDhammachayo has contacted a doctor at Rama 9 hospital, indicating that he is still in hiding inside the temple.

Deputy Prime Minister Gen PrawitWongsuwan earlier said as long as the abbot is not located and caught, the search of the temple will continue.

Authorities could wait although it means time consuming, he said and added the search will stop if he comes out and enter justice procedures.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)