Domob Attends the GMIC SV on December 1-3

China Advantages Help Domob Develop Overseas Market

SAN FRANCISCO, December 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Domob, the largest mobile internet advertising platform in China, attends the GMIC SV on December 1-3, 2014. It is the third time for Domob to participate in the GMIC SV.

Founded in 2010, Domob has grown rapidly over the past four years following the explosive development of the mobile internet in China. It raised Series A funding of $3M from Red Point Capital from the very beginning. Red Point partner David Yuan said he was very optimistic about the development of China’s mobile advertising market. "It never lacks high-quality applications or active users, but how to help publishers earn revenue is the key issue. Domob might be the answer."

Seven months later, Domob got Series B $10M financing from Qiming Venture. In 2014, Domob raised Series C funding of nearly $50M from Tencent. Tencent is also preparing their mobile advertising business strategy. From an investment point of view, Domob seems like a part of Tencent’s plan.

Domob‘s announcement said it is now developing its international stage. In 2013, developers from outside China contributed 17% of Domob’s traffic and this year the number has risen to 30%. For example, Talking Tom is one of the mobile games that enjoy huge traffic in China. Domob has brought them over $50k per month.

It is worth mentioning that the globalization layout has become a strategic focus of Domob in 2014. It has been serving plenty of advertisers including Tencent, ChangYou, Baidu, UC, etc, helping them promote their products worldwide. At the same time, Domob played a key role in the Chinese market for Supercell’s promotion of Boom Beach and helped Supercell cover more than 36 million unique users in the first day.

Currently, Domob operates throughout 200 countries and contains over 1,000 global affiliates, contributing over 3 billion daily PV to China’s mobile internet industry. Its SDKs has been integrated with over 136,000 Chinese applications. Domob also has set up extensive alliance with many outstanding global mobile internet companies, such as Chartboost, Vungle, Adcolony, Glispa, Playhaven, etc.

For the GMIC SV 2014, Domob wishes to not only connect with more companies for establishing a partnership to help advertisers become more globalized, but also bring Chinese publishers more global advertisers.

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