EcoNet Innovation: Future-Proven Universal Home Gateway

HSINCHU, Dec. 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — EcoNet(HK) Limited, a subsidiary of MediaTek Inc., and a leader in semiconductor solutions for fixed-line broadband communications, today announced a highly integrated universal home gateway(UHG) platform, that can provide ADSL/VDSL/GPON/EPON/GbE, 5-modes-WAN access technologies by a single chipset solution, so as to meet telco’s demands in every phase of access service migration.

EcoNet’s UHG is a revolutionary hybrid copper/fiber solution. First, when telco’s service is considering to migrate current ADSL to higher data rate access technologies, e.g., VDSL, ETTH or xPON, UHG’s 5-modes-WAN access can cover them all, so as to mitigate telco’s procurement efforts and inventory pressures due to subscriber’s demand uncertainty on different access services. Second, once customers call for maintenance service, it’s easier for technicians to handle only on one type of home gateway in the field than multiple types of gateways. Moreover, when VDSL access is deployed then turning to xPON access someday, only negligible cost added on VDSL gateway for copper-to-fiber upgrade capability. The overall cost of UHG is much lower than current method of plugging an SFP-type-ONT into an existing home gateway.

"As EcoNet continues to drive multiple WAN technologies integration at the system-on-a-chip level on MT7585, it’s increasingly important for telcos to reduce service deployment complexity, allow them the chance to re-utilize the provisioned universal home gateway and seamlessly upgrade it as fiber access one directly. The innovative design approach of the UHG architecture ultimately reduces telcos’ copper-to-fiber technology migration costs, offering unprecedented flexibility for the next generation of broadband connectivity solutions," stated Bomin Wang, CEO of EcoNet.

Key Features of EcoNet’s UHG Platform:

  • Providing ADSL/VDSL/GPON/EPON/GbE standard-compliant access technologies on one single chip.
  • Enabling seamless copper-to-fiber access upgrade by providing/ inserting a generic SFP-type optical transceiver into the deployed gateway(UHG) at home for higher access speed
  • Leveraging EcoNet’s superior performance of xPON(MT752x series) and VDSL2(MT751x series) technologies. Both series of the chipsets are in volume deployment now.
  • Unified software architecture with more than 30 million broadband CPEs deployed per year

About EcoNet

EcoNet(HK) Limited is a subsidiary of MediaTek Inc, and was originally MediaTek’s broadband business unit. Its products include ADSL2+/VDSL2/GPON/EPON and Ethernet Switch solutions.

EcoNet’s ADSL market share is worldwide No.1 according to IHS report(aka iSuppli). Its second generation VDSL2, GPON/EPON and FTTdp solutions with high performance and optimized rBOM integration have been adopted by several leading broadband equipment vendors and operators.

Gilb Yang