Employing New Graduates and Helping Restaurants in COVID-19 Situation

The Government is implementing two projects to help those affected by the COVID-19 situation. One of these projects is to employ 10,000 new graduates as government employees on a temporary basis. The other project aims to provide restaurant operators with easy access to soft loans.

The Cabinet on 8 June 2021 approved a budget of 2.25 billion baht to employ 10,000 government employees in a short term. The decision will increase employment opportunities for new graduates, under the employment contract of not more than one year, or not over 30 September 2022.

They will receive a monthly salary of 18,000 baht and other benefits earned by general state employees. They will be hired by 28 state agencies in the regional areas of the country.

The Ministry of Commerce on 7 June 2021 launched a loan-matching program to enable restaurant operators to have easy access to financial sources. Under this program, over 120,000 restaurant operators across the country will be assisted to seek loans from five financial institutions, with a low interest rate and other special conditions, so that they will be able to continue their operations during this difficult time, without laying off their workers.

The five financial institutions include Thai Credit Guarantee Corporation, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand, Krungthai Bank, Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives, and Government Savings Bank.

The project is a result of cooperation between the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance, and the private sector to help ease impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: The Government Public Relations Department