Foreign bike gang makes life in South Pattaya neighborhood miserable

Pattaya police are now hunting for a foreign biker gang which is making life of residents in the South Pattaya neighborhood miserable from the gangsters' defiant behaviour and noises from their roaring engines.

Action from the police followed after a user of Facebook posted a brief video clip showing the defiant biker gang gathering on Soi VC in South Pattaya with very loud noises from roaring engines.

He was uncertain of the nationality of the bikers but said they are from the Middle East.

They gathered and made too loud noises in defiance of law.

The user said he had to film the foreign biker gang briefly for fear of his life after he was threatened by the gang.

He said the time this gang gathered was before dawn and there were also many road users sharing the road.

Some car drivers blew their horns for passing but were ignored.

Worse was that some of these foreign bikers even abused, cursed and yelled at other road users with their defiant manners.

He called on police to take action on these foreign bikers.

The clip went viral on the Internet with many viewers calling for action against the foreign biker gang which defied the Thai law.

Meanwhile Pattaya police said they believed the Middle East bikers are Kuwaitis as similar incident happened on Sukhumvit road and they were from Kuwait.

Police said they will issue tighter measures to prevent this kind of foreign biker gang to come out on streets making troubles to the people.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)