Foreign Ministry Refutes Report Regarding “10,000 Malaysian Illegals” In Thailand

KUALA LUMPUR, The Malaysian Foreign Ministry today stressed the allegation that 10,000 of its citizens were still in Thailand illegally or overstaying as completely baseless, and believed that the actual number is much smaller.

The ministry said since the Movement Control Order (PKP) was implemented in March 2020, the Ministry and the Malaysian Consulate General in Songkhla has provided assistance to more than 2,439 Malaysians who wish to return home.

“Based on the records of the Consulate General, until now, there are only 72 Malaysian citizens who are registered with the Consulate General and hold a Border Pass.

“This number is part of the 444 Malaysian citizens who have registered with the Consulate General,” the statement said.

The ministry’s statement was a response to local media reports claiming that more than 10,000 Malaysians were trapped in Thailand and became illegal immigrants (PATI) because their border passes had expired.

The media reported that the situation occurred because they entered the neighbouring country before the implementation of the PKP in March 2020 and failed to return home due to the border gates’ closure.

The ministry said the Thai Government in February 2021 had announced that all foreign nationals holding tourist/short-term visas must leave the country or they will be penalised if they failed to do so.

“Further to that, the Malaysian Consulate General in Songkhla has assisted in terms of the renewal of the Malaysian International Passport (PMA) for Malaysian citizens who wish to apply for an extension of the visa period in Thailand.

“Meanwhile, Emergency Certificates have been issued to holders of expired Border Pass to enable them to return to Malaysia,” it said.

Malaysian citizens in Thailand with expired travel documents who are affected by the closure of the border between the two countries are advised to attend the Malaysian Consulate General in Songkhla to enable the consulate to provide appropriate consular assistance.

Any further inquiries on this matter can be submitted directly to the Consulate General of Malaysia in Songkhla at (6674) 311 062 /316 274 or Email

Source: Nam News Network