Free electric train service given as New Year gifts from government

Free train service on all three electric rail lines will be provided as a New Year gift to the general public, the Minister of Transport (MOT) said.

The free service will also be extended two more hours to 2.00 am while security and safety measures will also be tightened.

Akhom Term-Pittaya-Paisit, the Minister for Transport, said the ministry's plans to provide the general public with greater convenience in commuting while ensuring the greatest degree of safety for all during the New Year holidays.

Among the activities that it has planned as special New Year gifts for the public are holding sermons to herald the arrival of the New Year and allowing the public to use electric train services for free.

This will apply to subway services, the Purple electric rail line, BTS services, Airport Links and BRT services beginning from noon on December 31, 2016 up to noon of January 1, 2017.

Accordingly, closure times for all services will be extended from midnight to 2.00 am. Automobile parking fees at all MRTA stations will also be exempted during this period.

As part of the plan it has been specified that every effort must be made to ensure that the public is not inconvenienced by delays or train shortages.

He said the ministry has also specified that measures to ensure greater safety and security must be put in place and the number of injuries and fatalities must be reduced by at least 5% from last year.

Of greater importance for the ministry is the desire to eventually see total fatalities and injuries reduced to zero for all public transport services which includes boat ferries and motorways as well, he added.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)