ILO Commends Labour Minister and Tripartite

The 16th Asia and Pacific Regional Meeting (APRM) took place in Bali of Indonesia on the 6-8 December 2016. A total of 4,000 participants from 32 nations attended the meeting, which was concluded today. In the meeting, Labour Minister General Sirichai Distakul held a meaningful discussion, whereas employer and employee representatives were commended by the ILO's committee members.

Participating in the meeting was also Permanent Secretary of Labour M.L. Puntrik Smiti, who spoke about the International Labour Organization's Director-General Guy Ryder's opening speech, about a future of valuable work in a drive towards sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific, and also shared his opinion on the world facing mega trends in the future. He also said that a wide diversity exists in the region, therefore there must be collaboration in order to find strength and move towards success.

Labour Minister General Sirichai Distakul discussed Mr. Guy Ryder's point on valuable work being an important key to driving results, as this will eliminate poverty, inequality and adapt to challenges of facing mega trends in the future. The Labour Minister also said that over 10 million Thai nationals has been developed for valuable work and taught about the sustainable economy with over 4,000 projects and using 3 principles including sufficiency, reason and immunity, in addition to 2 conditions which are having the knowledge and morality to safeguard the environment, eliminate inequality and bring happiness to society.

Additionally, the Labour Minister went on to explain that the government led by Prime Minister General Prayuth Chan-ocha, has dedicated its efforts to elevating operational standards to meet international requirements, and that a direction for a Thailand 4.0 was devised to drive the national 20-year strategy, with a sustainable economy at the heart of development. He also spoke about collaboration between CLMVT nations and responsibility for migrating workers, which shows that regional diversity is not an obstacle to meeting targets. The Labour Minister ended his speech by saying that he was confident all parties would work together for the best outcome within the region.

Employer and employee representatives gave their discussion along the same lines, saying there had been clear improvements towards international equality standards, where the public sector has given great importance to all processes, leading to better worker productivity and quality of living. ILO committee members commended the Labour Minister for his clear discussion and direction on collaboration for success, and also commended employer and employee representatives for improvements from previous debates, showing an overall improvement and step in the right direction for Thailand.

Source: Ministry of Labour