Imprisoned for 5 lives for owing deposit on house

Lopburi A young mother and child are only 2,500 baht behind on a deposit on a rented house. She is locked in her house and imprisoned for 5 lives and must ask for help from the police. Have a rescue worker come and cut the key to open the door to the house. This incident occurred at a rented house, Tha Sala Subdistrict, Mueang Lopburi District. After the police were informed by Ms. Siriwan, age 25, the tenant, that a skilled person had taken a key to lock the front door of the house. Makes it impossible to go out to work At the scene, the victim was found waiting for police inside the house. The front gate of the house was a roof-high steel cage that was closed with no way to get out. Notice that the door key ring is locked with a large key. It is believed to be the work of the caretaker of the said rental house. which is currently having a problem After that, he asked for support from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation staff to bring metal cutting pliers to cut the broken key ring. Can open the door of the house M s. Siriwan said that she had just given birth 4 months ago and was not yet working. Came to rent the said house for only 1 month, staying with my husband. and father-mother-in-law and young children, a total of 5 lives, before there was a problem with the caretaker of this rental house. Because before renting the said house Contact was made with the home caretaker. Agreed to rent a house for 2,500 baht per month with a rental deposit of another 7,500 baht, but paid only 5,000 baht as a rental deposit before moving in, with another 2,500 baht remaining as a deposit. As for the remaining amount, I would like to gradually pay 1,500 baht because of my husband. Earning money alone is not enough to cover expenses. But the housekeeper refused. 2 days later, make an appointment for the home caretaker to meet. But the house caretaker did not come to see him as scheduled. Until around 1 a.m. on May 16, the house caretaker called. But she didn't receive it. Before a message was sent saying... "If you make a mistake, yo u might have to lock it." In the morning, the door of the house was locked from the outside. making it impossible to get in and out Personally, I view it as an incorrect action. no mercy Prepare to report to the police. To punish home caretakers who have gone beyond reasonable means Source: Thai News Agency