Iran! Avoid the aggressive foreign policy and bring the Gulf region towards peace

Foreign policies are to make friends not enemy

Yes, that is true that foreign policies are to be made for making friends rather than increasing enemies and the countries, which believes in having better relation with the rest of the world in all the fields, make foreign policies, that can ensure their neighbors that their security is not under threat, and that Iran sadly has not been witnessed to do in the recent time. As we all know that its dispute with Saudi Arabia over many issues of the Gulf region has been increasing more, yet the current regime of Iran, seems to kick off another conflict and this time it is none other than Pakistan, one of its neighboring countries, with which it shares a large border and still have strong ties with it. One has the right to differ from this theory, but that is fact that since the new regime of Iran came to power in the country, it has brought up a strong and very aggressive foreign policy in order to ensure a strong influence on the Gulf region.

The possible conflict with Pakistan

Many people believe that although the relation of Iran with world’s superpowers was not an ideal one most specifically with the United States when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was in power, but at least the neighbors of Iran, were not in a fear to think Iran as being the safest country for the militant groups involved in destabilizing those neighbors and that is the most recent concern of Pakistan, which is Iran’s one of the neighboring countries. Since the Indian spy got captured in Pakistan’s province Balochistan while entering Pakistan through Iranian border, the situation between both these two countries, seems to have been worse and now Iran must come with a positive move to make the Pakistani authorities understand that Iran does not have any hideouts for the militant groups, which are destabilizing Pakistan and most specifically Balochistan one of Pakistan’s most important provinces.

Saudi Arabia’s constant allegation on Iran

Since the Saudi Arabia and Iran dispute kicked off in the recent times, one thing has been witness by the rest of the world that Saudi Arabia has been constantly accusing Iran and its Embassy in Riyadh to be a part of any sort of plot against Saudi Arabia. If that is the case so Iran must think to change its foreign policy, because that will increase more tension in the Gulf region and will make it cope with various conflicts at a time.


No one can overlook the importance of Iran in the region and admit that it is the country, which is capable to lead the region and get it on the track to lead the world’s economy, but that will only happen, if the current regime of Iran starts making friends rather than turning countries against itself. So Iran has to play its important role for the sake of peace and stability of the region and that role asks it to take neighboring into the confidence that Iran is not the country, which has hideouts of militant groups and that will definitely will turn out to be the effective beginning for Iran to have strong ties with all the neighboring countries.