It has started. Price reduction. School starts until 31 May. July Here we go.

Bangkok, May 4-"Tipanan" informs good news to parents accepting school starts. Project to reduce the price of school uniform products Learning materials, internet, starting today until May 31, showcasing the work of "Gen. educational potential Increase the per capita subsidy 66-69 with an increase in lunch Create equality, reduce inequality

Ms. Tipanan Sirichana, Deputy Spokesperson for the office of Mr. Krantri, revealed that Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense. Has pushed children and youth to receive thorough education, equality, reduce inequality and have standards to keep up with the changing world. without leaving anyone behind in the near opening of this semester Gen. Prayut asked for cooperation from various agencies. help relieve the burden of parents' expenses Especially during the close of this semester. The Department of Internal Trade has organized a project to reduce the price of school uniforms. Learning materials, internet, to prepare students for the start of the school year. which can be purchased at department stores and participating stores Discount up to 85%, there are a total of 11 categories as follows.

Student uniform 2. Shoes / socks 3. School bag 4. Textbooks and books 5. Stationery 6. teaching materials 7. Electrical equipment 8. Office equipment 9. Internet / Device 10. Online Platform and 11. Miscellaneous, in order for people to receive information from the Department of Internal Trade. can be tracked on the website or call 0 2507 5530 from today until May 31.

Ms. Tipanan said that according to the policy of Gen. Prayut that has given various agencies Giving New Year's gifts in 2023 to the people, Ms. Treenuch Thienthong, Minister of Education Increase per capita subsidy expenses From kindergarten to high school and vocational certificates in public and private educational institutions, both in and outside the system, with continuous adjustments for 4 years from 2023-2026, which will cover teaching and learning costs such as media, teaching materials, water costs electricity, etc., with the final year increasing from 2022 by 20%, and the cost of student quality development activities such as academic activities, field trips, etc., in the last year, an increase of 30% from 2022, as well as the cost of educational equipment increased by 15% since 2023. And remain constant in the following years for the cost of school uniforms, add 1 complete set and 1 additional set if parents hold state welfare cards. This is a major increase in the subsidy rate in more than 10 years, which will help relieve the burden of expenses for parents of more than 11 students. 5 million people help reduce family income inequality And increase the potential of educational institutions to organize and develop the quality of education as well.

At the same time, the cost of lunch has also been increased. “Allocation of quality meals delivered directly from the Ministry of Education” will help increase equality and reduce inequality. Adding quality meals for Thai children this time Spending an additional 3,500 million baht budget so that students from small children to grade 6 of all affiliations can eat food from all 5 food groups, adjusted according to the size of the school as follows: 1-40 students, 36 baht/person/day, 41-100 students Rate 27 baht/person/day, 101 - 120 students rate 24 baht/person/day and 121 students or more rate 22 baht/person/day for children to have good nutrition. complete health grow appropriately, develop learning and strengthen immunity

"General Prayut Aiming to develop the potential of human resources according to national strategy Especially the foundation from childhood continuously. by integrating various agencies in all ages to enhance people's potential Raise the quality of life and develop the country steadily. Sustainable for the future, ”said Ms. Tipanan.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency


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