Labour Minister Attends Fourth Abu Dhabi Dialouge

Labour Minister General Sirichai Distakul and committee are scheduled to join the fourth Abu Dhabi Dialogue at the Cinnamon Laheside hotel in Columbo, Sri Lanka from 23-24 January 2017. They will join representatives from 20 countries and 5 international organizations. The dialogue's 3 key objectives include selection of labour and policy framework for employment, labour migration and integration of digital technology in labour management within the region.

The Abu Dhabi Dialogue (ADD) was initiated under bilateral and multilateral collaboration on migration within Asia. There are 11 Colombo Process (CP) members and another 7 labour-receiving nations, with Malaysia and Switzerland as witnesses. The meeting allows Thailand as a labour-sending nation, to consult with both labour-sending and labour-receiving nations in the Gulf Arabic for improved and more effective labour operations. The ADD is also a quality opportunity for labour-related units from Thailand to strengthen relationships with labour-receiving governments, source measures to prevent illegal recruitment and promote a better quality of life for Thai workers abroad, away from exploitation. Collaboration will also promote care of the approximate 30,000 Thai workers in the Gulf Arabic

Source: Ministry of Labour