LifeSmart, New Choice to Automate Your Home

HANGZHOU, China, January 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — LifeSmart, a Chinese high-tech Internet of Things company specializing in smart home development, has developed a total solution to integrate the mobile Internet technology with physical devices to make your home smarter.

The company offers a hub of smart home products and a mobile app that enable you easily connect any of the existing electronic devices with a whole-home control system to set up LifeSmart Station, and take a real-time view of your home via the LifeSmart App.

Since the first batch of products hit the market in April of 2014, LiftSmart has developed a wide array of home automation devices so far, including wireless cameras, multi-sensor, motion sensors, LED light bulbs and magic light strips, as well as smart outlets.

Traditional home automation have been closed and proprietary. People need to install different apps to manage their home, such as, Dropcam for camera, Philips Hue for light, and SmartThings for home intelligent products. LifeSmart is taking a more open approach and builds a unified platform to tie all the multiple sensors together and make a smart home simple.

The App platform can also manage home smart products of third-party companies.

"There is strong demand from people who want a single solution with a single app to control their home anywhere at any time. They have to install lots of apps and purchase different vendors’ products to realize it before, but now, LifeSmart gives them all," said Denny Dong, CEO of LifeSmart.

Under the company’s smart home ecosystem, people can wirelessly control the light switch and bulb, automatically adjust the humidity, temperature and air quality of their house, turn on or off electronic devices like the heater and coffeemaker through the smart outlet on the smartphone.

In addition, people can view and control their home around-the-clock no matter where they are via the wireless camera on the smartphone, while a real-time alarm and snap-shot picture will be sent to their smartphone once any abnormal movement is spotted.

"All you need is a smartphone, an Internet connection and the LifeSmart App to enjoy the convenience and power of an intelligent home," said Denny.

About LifeSmart

LifeSmart is a Chinese high-tech Internet of Things enterprise specializing in smart home development. The company has offices in Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Silicon Valley in the United States, strives to develop outstanding hardware, software and services to bring a convenient and comfortable lifestyle to customers, taking advantage of an experienced team, every step of the process from design to development, from management to marketing.

With the company’s flagship products, the Smart Station, wireless camera, multi-sensor, motion sensor, three-way in-wall light switch, magic light strip, LED light bulbsand more smart kits, the company dedicates itself to provide cost effective products and excellent customer services.

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