Man drowned after a misstep at pier and fell into water

A 50-year-old man was drowned after he jumped from a passenger boat to a pier but misstepped and fell into Klong Saensap canal.

The incident happened in Klong Saensap canal at the international pier behind Saint Dominic school off Sukhumvit 15 in Watana district at about 6.20 am.

Rescue workers could find his body stuck at the bottom of the canal 20 metres from the pier three hours later.

Deputy transport minister Orm-sin Chivapruek inspected the pier late this morning and ordered the Krob Krua Kon Song or Family Transport Co to help the victim's family as well as asking passengers and boat drivers to abide by the safety rule strictly.

The victim was later identified as Tirapong Silarit, a car driver of a company.

According to witness, Tirapong jumped off the boat while it was about to dock at the pier.

He misstepped the pier and fell into the canal.

The boat driver then quickly steered his boat away from the pier to avoid the propeller hitting the man.

But he couldn't be located near the pier.

Police were later alerted and arrived with divers of a charity foundation to search.

They could locate his body three hours later.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)