Mobile Changes the World, Intelligence Defines the Future

— Grand Opening of 2014 AndroidWorld Global Developers Conference (AGDC)

SHENZHEN, China, October 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The 2014 AndroidWorld Global Developers Conference (AGDC) sponsored by IDG (International Data Group) is being held from October 23 to October 24, 2014 at the Shangri-La Hotel, Futian District, Shenzhen. With the theme of “Mobile Changes the World, Intelligence Defines the Future”, the conference consists of 2 prepared speeches and 11 parallel forums involving global APP originality competition, new product launching, leaders and guests presentation, Android developers salon, blind date of investment and financing, etc., which has highlighted the interaction between mobile innovative applications and audiences. More than 100 industry leaders from Internet giants, terminal manufacturers, telecom operators, game developers, etc. at every link of the mobile Internet industrial chain delivered excellent speeches, and the conference attracted nearly 6,000 developers and entrepreneurs and over 200 media from both home and abroad.

Gathering of Industry Leaders to Share Innovative Thinking

On the morning of October 23, the opening ceremony officially raised its curtain in the main venue. Gao Lin, vice-president of Shenzhen Economy, Trade and Information Commission, first delivered the opening address, in which he said, “In the past year, mobile Internet has brought rapid growth again on its huge scale and has developed to be the largest information consumption market, the most active field of innovation, and the strongest ICT driving power. Shenzhen is developing very rapidly on the terminal layer and application layer of mobile Internet by virtue of its complete infrastructure and associated industries and can provide equal opportunity to everyone and all the enterprises.” Xu Zhou, Vice-president of IDG (Asia), expressed in his speech that mobile Internet has gathered a great number of investors, funds, technologies, talents, and other resources and only through more communications and collisions of ideas, can the practitioners make better use of these superiorities and give full play to the values of these resources, which are the reasons why we come together here. And young developers may use this conference, an open cooperation platform, to exchange with others on technologies and design, etc. and look for partners.

The prepared speeches in the morning were all presented around the theme of “Android industrial chain in the mobile Internet mode”. Delivering speeches were: Shen Jin, Vice-president of Qualcomm and General Manager of the Venture Capital Department (China); Hou Xiaonan, Vice General Manager of Tencent’s Open Platform & Mobile Application Platform; Xiong Gengchao, General Manager of Haier Smart Home Innovation Center; Su Liang, Director of Baidu Mobile Distribution Division & Eco-product Distribution; Hu Xuewei, Industrial Sales Vice-president of Domob, Director of Ding Jichang, Pea Pod Application Open Platform & Shenzhen Branch, etc. They had deeply discussed and shared their opinions with the guests on the revolution of the mobile Internet, Android development ideas and capacity, and how to help developers break through bottlenecks in business establishing from different perspectives.

After the prepared speeches, a grand release and signing ceremony of Future Family Fun jointly sponsored by more than 40 enterprises including IDG, Unicom, CMGE, etc. was held. Future Family Fun was launched jointly by China Unicom WoStore together with IDG and CMGE, covering 40 enterprises in the family fun industrial chain, including channel home appliance manufacturers like TCL and ChangHong and content platform distributors like Gameloft, Chukong, and LeTV. Alliance can use superior advantages of the industry to build up a digital entertainment center with family as the unit and accelerate the development of Internet TV games.

As one of the most significant events of AGDC, AndroidWorld Year Award Ceremony was held as scheduled in the first evening. Under the witness of many senior business leaders in the industry, the final results of AndroidWorld Year Awards were revealed, and all the awarding enterprises or the platforms who enjoy lasting influences on the mobile industry are as follows:

  • Annual Best Mobile Reading Experience–Shanda Literature
  • Annual Best Mobile Platform–Tencent
  • Annual Best Cloud Service Provider–LeanCloud
  • Annual Best Cloud Service Provider–Qiniu Cloud Storage
  • Annual Best Application Platform–Baidu 91
  • Annual Best Application Store– (Tencent)
  • Annual Best Phone Game Publisher–CMGE
  • Annual Best Smart Home Innovation Award–U+Smart Living OS& Open Platform (Haier)
  • Annual Best Breakthrough Award–
  • Annual Best Ad Platform–Domob
  • Annual Most Valuable Brand–
  • Annual Best Media Application Award–Netease News Client
  • Annual Platform with Most Potentiality–Marshmallow
  • Annual Most Effective Mobile Marketing Platform–Yijifen

On October 24, Martti, Vice-president of MYGAMEZ, Jiang Bo, General Manager of Senior Product Department of Qualcomm, Hong Wenjia, CEO of Marshmallow TV Game, Guo Lie, founder and CEO of MYOTee, Jin Naili, Assistant Dean of iResearch Institute, etc. gave splendid speeches around the theme of “Mobile Internet Change and Development” in the main venue, and they also took part in the summit forum hosted by He Yifan, Chief Reviewing Editor of Chinese Entrepreneurs and shared their opinions on how to define innovation and the development prospect of the Android platform and innovative applications in the mobile Internet era. The collision of their ideas and views benefited participants a lot.

Stimulate Technological Innovation to Realize Entrepreneurial Dreams

The sponsor had scheduled 11 parallel forums with different forms and scales in the two-day conference agenda as one part of the conference, which were respectively described as follows:

  • Entrepreneurship Win-win–Tencent Developer Forum (Shenzhen Station)
  • Haier Developer Session: U+ Smart Living
  • Distribution to Realize Values–Baidu 91 Developer Session
  • Developer Session
  • Marshmallow TV Game Session: Dig Gold on Billion-level Market
  • Could Service in the Mobile Era–LeanCloud Developer Session
  • Mobile Internet and Cloud Calculation
  • Android Platform and Mobile Marketing
  • Game Developer Forum
  • Global APP Creative Development Competition (Shenzhen Station)
  • Global APP Creative Development Championship & Mobile Internet Investment and Financing Branch

At present, more and more Android developers prefer to distribute their APPs through third-party APP platforms. In many developer sessions with different themes, technical personnel of senior products from LeanCloud, Microsoft, Tencent,, Haier U+, Baidu, and Marshmallow, etc. had introduced the advantages of their platforms to guests, presented their excellent APP development achievements, and announced their supporting plans to developers in order to attract more developers. For young start-ups, the developer sessions would open a door to success and they not only can draw lessons from the innovative design ideas and successful experiences of seniors but also can show their strength on this platform to get favor from the capital market and the user market. This year’s conference had specially added the link of “Global APP Creative Development Championship” full of passion, on which the top 13 projects standing out nationwide would come together for the championship. The sponsor had invited Shen Jin (Vice-president of Qualcomm and General Manager of the Venture Capital Department (China)), Xu Zhou (Vice-president of IDG (Asia)), Zhu Jianhuan (investment partner of IDG Capital Partners), Lian Meng (Vice-president of IDG Capital Partners), Ding Baoyu (Managing Director& Partner of Cowin Capital), Wei Xin (China Unicom WoStore Operation Center), William Bao Bean (Partner of SOS Ventures), Zhu Pengwei (investment performance partner of Zhongtoubang/Guofuyuan ), Liu Xing (Investment Director of Wuyue Tianxia), etc. as judges to attend the activity to judge these APPs, communicate with the winners face to face, and help them win financing opportunities to realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

On the AGDC scene, development elites not only fully expressed their views on technologies and products, opened their mind, and sought development opportunities, but got chances to stay close to “Android Goddess” who actually were “Miss World” and “Miss Tourism International”. Then they can enjoy fashion and beauty at the same time in the rigorous high-tech atmosphere. Let’s look forward to a more spectacular AndroidWorld in 2015.

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