New Online Video-Streaming Application Provides Impressive-Quality Presentations to Large Audiences Worldwide

IRVINE, Calif., March 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Interush International LLC, [a leading supplier of digital and cloud based software applications for the Asian market,] is pleased to announce the addition of a high-quality, live video-streaming presentation and training application, to its comprehensive IRIS Applications Suite. This new IRIS Webcast software application is based on a new technology approach of utilizing the users’ bandwidth, rather than sharing a single bandwidth, which allows viewing by up to 150 different online devices watching a single video broadcast. If these devices are being watched by multiple viewers, this could allow thousands of viewers in up to 150 separate locations. IRIS Webcast users can view the broadcasts from any device, including PCs, tablets and smartphones, from anywhere they have an Internet connection.

The IRIS Webcast application is designed with simple intuitive controls. Broadcast hosts can easily schedule their presentations and send emailed invitations with the time, date, link and passcode to their upcoming session. Presenters have the options of appearing live within a full screen, incorporating videos, utilizing PowerPoint slideshows or using the tool’s whiteboard function. A chat feature that allows viewers and hosts to communicate either privately or among the entire audience is also available, as is a polling function that enables presenters to receive automated feedback to questions and through any multiple choice options provided.

For those who cannot join live, recording broadcast video streaming is available for up to 45 minutes, giving users an abundance of time to include important information in their presentations along with any additional features they wish to incorporate. The application also allows users to set expiration dates for their videos and save them under specific names and titles, which makes available presentation sessions easy to locate.

"IRIS Webcast is a powerful new online communications tool that can be used on multiple platforms, in a multitude of ways, for personal, associations, business and educational purposes," said Martin J. Matthews, CEO of Interush Holdings, Inc. "The addition of this new video-streaming broadcast application continues to make the IRIS Suite the best overall value for high-quality, online communications."

The IRIS Applications Suite is an exclusive set of online communications applications designed to help increase online productivity and profitability for many of the most advanced Asian IT markets; including Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China and Singapore. The IRIS Applications Suite is developed and powered by Interush, Inc. of Irvine, California, USA. For more information, contact a local Interush Affiliate or visit