Open your heart to be a good citizen. Save the life of a girl who eats meatballs stuck in her throat

Open the hearts of good citizens in Saraburi. Helping a girl eat noodles, meatballs stuck in her throat, narrowly escapes death

CCTV footage of a noodle shop in Tan Diao Subdistrict, Kaeng Khoi District, Saraburi Province, saw a female customer sitting and eating noodles in the shop with her husband. Then there were symptoms like meatballs stuck in the throat. The woman tried to drink water, drenched her throat, but was unsuccessful. Until a man sitting at another table on the opposite side hurriedly came to help. Using his hand to jab him in the stomach several times. Until the meatballs come flying out of your throat. Narrowly escaped death

After the incident, the reporter went to talk to Mr. Thanapon Onchan, 32 years old, a good citizen, who told about the incident. On the evening of September 4, he went to eat noodles with his children and wife. After paying the bill, about to go back, saw the woman sitting across the street having strange symptoms and starting to feel bad. The person accompanying the woman went in to help her vomit. hopes that the food scraps that have been eaten fall out So he went to help in the right way. Because this method used to study and gain knowledge before So he went to help from behind. Use your hands to help jab around your stomach. After a while, there was a piece of food that looked like a meatball. Or a big pig bounces off

From the discussion, it is known that The woman didn't eat breakfast, so she ate too quickly and the bite was too big. causing food scraps to stick in the throat As for the reason why it was posted on social media Because I want to remind everyone that this matter is not far away. At least knowing how to help people in situations like this. can save lives It feels good to be able to help people survive.

Source: Thai News Agency


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