Paveena’s foundation asked to take action against a school director over sexual assault against two students

Two families from Nakhon Sawan province have sought help from Paveena Hongsakula Foundation, claiming that their young daughters were sexually molested by their school director.

Parents of the two students reportedly told the foundation that, beginning in March, the two students returned homes from the school, whose name was not disclosed, with a token amount of cash almost every day.

They said they were curious and asked where the girls got the money and they were told that the school director gave them. When pressed more about why, the girls said they were sexually molested by the director.

Complaints were separately lodged with Chumsaeng district police on March 13 and the two girls were subject to body examination to determine whether they were sexually molested or not as alleged.

A mother of one of the two girls claimed that the director offered to pay compensation to her in exchange for withdrawing the complaint from the police district station. But she declined and decided to bring her case to the foundation as she was not sure that the Chumsaeng district police would pursue the case in earnest.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)