Police propose military prosecutor to sue persons involved in cadet’s death

The police at Ban Na police station in Nakhon Nayok have officially informed the family of the dead cadet, Pakapong Tanyakan, that they have agreed to take legal action against those who were held responsible for his death.

Ms Suphicha Tanyakan, elder sister of Pakalong, the first year student of the Armed Forces Academies Preparatory School, disclosed today that the family just received a formal notification dated January 24 from Ban Na police that they have agreed to pursue legal action in the case.

They said all information on the case had been sent to the military prosecutor at Military Area 12 for consideration, she said.

The police didn't give any information on how many persons they would prosecute but only the case is now with the military prosecutor to handle.

Ms Suphicha went on saying that forensic autopsy sent to a fact finding committee showed several bruises on his body, but they were believed to be caused during military training while he was still alive.

However there were bleeding around the neck above the clavicle which the police and doctors suspected might be caused by neck lock, while bruises on the muscle near the left rib might be caused from being hit by hard object from the front to the rear, she said.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)