PR Newswire Releases its Second White Paper Series on the Asian Media Landscape Focusing on Thailand, South Korea and Indonesia

HONG KONG, March 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Following the successful launch of its first Asian Media Landscape Series white paper in April 2014, PR Newswire is releasing the second series of three separate white papers that focus on Thailand, South Korea and Indonesia. Guided by the same principles when launching the first series, the aim for the new white papers is to provide useful insights and information for companies and professionals who have media planning, PR and marketing responsibilities to navigate through the myriad of media channels such as print, broadcasting, online, social media, and search engines in Thailand, South Korea and emerging market, Indonesia.

PR Newswire Issues South Korea, Indonesia and Thailand Media Landscape White Paper

PR Newswire Issues South Korea, Indonesia and Thailand Media Landscape White Paper

To support the release of the second series which comes in a set of three separate white papers, a webinar will be conducted on 14 April 2015 by Helen Zhang, Senior Audience Development Manager of PR Newswire, who will provide an overview of the findings and a Q&A session will be included for participants to raise any related questions. Participants will have first access to the white paper upon registration for the webinar.

"We were very encouraged by the overwhelming response and positive feedback we received from the first series of Asian Media Landscape white papers (covering Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan). So we started the preparation for the second series at the end of 2014 and identified markets that are very important and have interesting media characteristics, but pose a challenge to decipher due to the language barrier, such as in South Korea and Thailand. Indonesia is also an obvious choice, being the next emerging market in Asia and the largest economy in Southeast Asia. We foresee a huge influx of investment going into the Indonesian market making it important for media investigation. With the opening of our Jakarta office last year and a deeper relationship with our partners in South Korea and Thailand, we really hope that we can help marketers deliver an even better message in those markets," explained Helen.

"I am delighted with the launch of Thailand media landscape white paper, which was collaboration between PR Newswire Asia and InfoQuest. Going forward, we will work more closely with PR Newswire Asia in providing regular, accessible and valuable insight and information of the media environment in Thailand for PR, Communications and Marketing professionals who have responsibilities for this market," said Pannee Yongpiyakul, Managing Director of InfoQuest Ltd.

Thailand: A mix of both the traditional and new media approach

With some 40 local newspapers in Thailand, the popularity of newspapers in Thailand is highest among people of working age. Television remains the most popular media outlet in Thailand and there is a steady increase in the number of Internet users, although challenges include limited Internet access, purchasing power and knowledge of and interest in technology in the provinces around Thailand. With a market share of nearly 100%, Google is the only search engine used widely in Thailand and Facebook, LINE, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are the most popular social media channels.      

South Korea: A media friendly and technologically-sophisticated nation

South Korea is one of the world’s wealthiest nations and a media-friendly country. Koreans are avid users of new communication technologies and the availability and adoption of new communication devices is on par with the world’s most industrialized countries. Internet penetration in South Korea is the highest in the world and by 2020, the country’s wireless network will be upgraded to 5G, making downloads about 1,000 times faster than they are now.

Second only to China, South Korea has one of the world’s biggest blogging communities and Naver is the first and most popular search portal that uses its own proprietary search engine in the country. Kakao, equivalent to WeChat in China, is the mobile messaging app which is used by 93 percent of smartphone owners. The South Korean press benefits from the high adult literacy rate of over 97 percent, and all Koreans speak the same language although there are regional dialects.

Indonesia: Young and vibrant media landscape

As Southeast Asia’s largest economy, Indonesia has one of the best media environments among the ASEAN members. Indonesia’s vibrant and open media landscape is bolstered by its young population with half of the country’s 250 million people under 30 years of age. Television dominates Indonesia’s media landscape while the internet, with an estimated 57 percent penetration rate, has the second-largest audience. The rapidly-growing number of internet users has changed the way Indonesian audiences consume content and information. They are now avid users of online social media and Indonesia is among the biggest markets for Facebook and Twitter. Along with increasing smartphone penetration, Indonesia is one of the largest mobile ad markets by volume in the world. While newspapers are the third most popular medium in Indonesia, influential English-language media outlets are scarce.

PR Newswire will continue to develop the media landscape white paper for markets in the Asia-Pacific and will soon host its first Media Coffee event in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and potentially Indonesia. Local partnerships in these markets will be identified and established so that more relevant and local insights and techniques on media/PR communications can be shared during these workshops.

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