Red Bull heir fled Singapore on April 27 for unknown destination

Red Bull heir Vorayuth Boss Yoovidhya left Singapore on April 27 for an unknown destination and left his private jet in the island state, Thai Interpol commander Pol Maj-Gen Apichart Siriboonya told the media on Thursday.

He said he was informed by Singaporean Interpol that they found Boss's private jet in Singapore and he asked his Singaporean counterpart to investigate if the fugitive was still in the island state or had he left in a commercial flight.

The latest report he received was that Boss had left Singapore on April 27, but his destination was unknown, he added.

The Thai Interpol chief further said he was informed by the British Interpol on Wednesday that they had already received the Thai request to check the whereabouts of the fugitive whether he was still in Britain or not.

However, he said that the Royal Thai Police would not wait for a reply from the British Interpol which was expected in 1-2 days and would ask the Interpol regional office in Singapore to issue a blue warrant to alert Interpol in various countries to look out for Boss to find out his permanent residence so that the Thai public prosecutor could proceed with the extradition process.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)