Rushing to hunt for the market mafia gang, turn off the lights, attack the police, injure 3 people.

Ang Thong 17 Mar – Ang Thong Krang Flea Market Mafia Gang! Turn off the lights and attack the police investigators. While inspecting trademark infringing goods, 3 injured. Officers rushed to collect evidence for prosecution.

Pictures of events during the Ang Thong Provincial Police investigation team to investigate trademark infringing products Inside a flea market in the area of Muang Ang Thong District Before being hit by a group of more than 30 able-bodied men, one of whom had a master who is in charge of the said market to surround the officers and shouting and cursing Officers had to try to retreat from the area. At that moment there was a shout to extinguish the fire. Before a group of strong men attacked the police, 3 people were injured. There were also 3 damaged phones and iPads.

Asked the policeman who was attacked to know that after receiving an order from the superior to speed up arrest according to 3 main charges, namely the Copyright Act Trademark Act and Patent Act therefore went out to inspect the said market area Until I found a store that sells mobile phone cases. brought the wrong product The Trademark Act comes for sale, therefore showing himself as a policeman. and show the card before seizing along with informing the shop owner to pay the fine Muang Angthong Police Station

while inspecting There was a man in a tank top claiming to be a market maker. Come in, talk, try to negotiate. But the officials will only arrest the products that infringe the trademark. make such a man which has symptoms similar to drunkenness summoning dozens of mighty men to surround him and taunt before asking for documents Which the officer showed the police order book to see But the man was still not satisfied. Seeing that a large number of people had arrived The officer then tried to back off. was immediately attacked until having to escape

As for another official, he said that while he was about to back out. because he saw that the situation was not good Because there were only 7 people, but there were dozens of strong men in the group, suddenly there was a shout to turn off the lights. Before screwing each other into attacking Until having to escape which the policeman who went to inspect had a firearm with him But I don't want the event to escalate. therefore agreeing to be harmed and withdraw Moreover A group of strong men also stole items that were not belonging here.

Initially, all 3 injured officers were sent for physical examination at Ang Thong Hospital. before coordinating the investigative team to collect evidence to continue prosecuting the aforementioned group of able-bodied men – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency