Seven boats catch fire on Thailand’s Mak Island on Saturday night

Six speed boats and a wooden tour vessel, moored at a wharf on Mak Island, off the eastern province of Trat, were destroyed by fire last night (Saturday).


The fire is reported to have started at about 7pm in one of the boats and quickly spread to the others, which were all moored close to each other at the Ao Thong Lang wharf.


People on the island tried to fight the fire with portable fire extinguishers, but they failed because the strong wind spread the fire quickly to the other boats.


The head of the island’s Tambon Administrative Organization (TAO), Nol Suwatjananon, said today that there were no injuries or deaths, but all the boats were destroyed.


He said he has reported the incident to the Trat provincial governor, seeking help to get tourists back to the mainland, because there are only six speed boats left on the island, which are insufficient.


The Royal Thai Navy is to send vessels today to pick up tourists who want to return to the mainland.


Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service