Small and large department stores cooperate to reduce product prices to help people Back To School

Nonthaburi 20 May- Deputy Director General of the Department of Internal Trade Specified via Office Mate, B2S, Power Buy, Super Sports Join the commerce to reduce product prices, help people Back To School, stimulate sales, reduce the cost of living.

Second Lieutenant Chakra Yodmanee, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Internal Trade, said after visiting the area to monitor the situation of selling products under the project. “Commerce is discounted! Help People Back To School ”at Central Plaza Westgate, Nonthaburi Province, that during the past 2-3 weeks there has been an active purchase of goods and school supplies. Each store brings essential products for students to reduce the welcome price for a variety of semesters, such as Office Mate, stationery discounts. paint for drawing desk chair Calculators, printers, up to 52% off, B2S (B2S), stationery, notebooks, books up to 43% off, Power Buy (Power Buy), electronic products such as notebooks, tablets, up to a maximum discount 20 % and Super Sports (Supersports) reduce the price of shoes, bags, sports equipment, up to 60% off, and there is a campaign to exchange old sneakers for discounts on new shoes.

Some of the products participating in the project are designed to attract the attention of children and young people according to their individual style. in conjunction with the promotion of price reductions which stimulates sales And most importantly, it helps to reduce the cost of living for the people by the project "Commercial Discount! Help People Back To School” will be carried out until May 31, students, students and parents can go shopping at more than 1,700 participating stores nationwide. And online channels of each store, including Shopee and Lazada, can check more details on the Department of Internal Trade website. ( It is expected that throughout the project will be able to reduce the cost of living for people at least 200 million baht.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency