Smart Phone Addiction Preventing App: ‘UBhind – Mobile Life Pattern’

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — RinasoftGlobal (, CEO: Sung-Kwan Kim) announced the review of ‘UBhind – Mobile Life Pattern’ which features its unique smartphone addiction prevention application.

“Have you ever thought about your smart phone using habit?” Sung-Kwan Kim, RinasoftGlobal CEO, asked smartphone users to look back on their using habit.

There are major reviews of  ‘UBhind – Mobile Life Pattern’.

Simple features of ‘UBhind – Mobile Life Pattern’

– How many times has your smart phone screen turned on today?

– How many hours was your smart phone used?

– How much did you use which apps and at what percentage of total hours of use? 

These three features are displayed on the main screen and the used time is displayed in real time at the top of the smart phone notice screen.

The number of screen turn-ons is clearly displayed for people who have the habit of just turning on and off the smart phone with their hands without doing anything.

When the users press an app on the main screen, the detailed usage records of the app are displayed, including when the app was run lastly, how many times the app was run, and the average time for which the app was run.

In addition, the users can see graphs of statistics on smart phone using habits by hour/week/month.

They can see how much time you use your smart phone per day on average and how you use it. In short, the smart phone usage habits and patterns of the user are displayed simply and clearly.

Most smart phone addiction preventing apps focus on allowing parents to control the smart phone of their children or locking it to prevent it from being used beyond certain duration.

However, this app focuses on showing details about how the users use thier smart phone.

It is most important to let children know for how much time they use their smart phone and what they do with their smartphone by showing the times and habits of using it every day for children who had not realized the seriousness of their smart phone addiction.

It is much more helpful for fundamentally preventing addiction to let children realize by themselves from the percentages and times of using games and messengers in their usage patterns.

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