Speeding up recovery of derailed train in Phrae Province after flash floods

Flash floods overflow in Phrae Province, causing a special express train to derail. Between Kaeng Luang Station - Ban Pin Officials rush to recover Trains from Chiang Mai Station must temporarily stop operating. Many passengers are left behind.

At 5:48 a.m., Train No. 13, the Bangkok Apiwat - Chiang Mai Special Express, was running to the Kaeng Luang - Ban Pin section with flash floods and a 20 meter long section of the track, causing the train to turn on its side and derail. As a result, the bus route plan must be changed as follows.

1. Train 13 uses the diesel of Train 112 to tow the trailer of Train 13 that did not derail, return to Den Chai, then transport passengers by car from Den Chai to Chiang Mai.

2. Train 51 transports passengers by car from Den Chai - Chiang Mai.

3. Train 102 is suspended from Chiang Mai - Bangkok Apiwat.

4. Train 8 stops walking from Chiang Mai - Bangkok Apiwat.

From this train derailment Causing all trains from Chiang Mai Station to temporarily stop operating. Many passengers will travel to Bangkok. Remained at Chiang Mai Station There were citizens and tourists who did not know the news and still came to buy tickets. But they were disappointed. At the same time, passengers were gradually returning their tickets. to switch to bus service instead The railway authority is willing to refund the full amount.

In this regard, officials have made announcements over the phone from time to time. The train is currently being recovered. It may take up to 2 days for the bus to open. As well as recommending that you follow or inquire through all channels of the railway

Source: Thai News Agency


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