Taxi operators call for scrapping of regulation on mandatory devices

After the Department of Land Transport (DLT) launched the Taxi OK and Taxi VIP schemes from Nov 9 under a ministerial regulation, taxi operators have called for the department to scrap the regulation, reasoning that they do not have enough money to install all the required devices.

Under the regulation, all newly-registered taxis for up to seven passengers are required to be equipped with devices for GPS tracking, taxi trip recording, driver's identification, a snap-shot security camera, a fare meter and an emergency button � all for passenger's safety and behavioural control of taxi drivers.

After less than a month of the regulation taking effect, representatives of taxi associations submitted a letter to the DLT, seeking the revocation of it.

They said they could not bring about 10,000 new taxis for registration as they did not have enough money to install all of the required devices, which cost altogether about 29,000 baht, excluding 450-500 baht for the internet fee and 3,600 baht for the annual maintenance.

The expense for these devices add up to their burdens of paying the monthly instalment and daily expenses of their families, they said.

After receiving the petition, the Transport Ministry instructed the DLT to study the pros and cons of the ministerial regulation and submit the study result with recommendations to the ministry next week.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)