Termination of the status of MP or Prime Minister, depending on the issue being filed.

Government House, May 31 - "Wissanu" reveals that "Pita" lacks the qualifications of MPs. Will he be the Prime Minister or not, depending on the issues raised? But if asked about the signature of the applicant Election must be fixed throughout the country.

Mr. Wissanu Krea-ngam, Deputy Prime Minister Mentioned in the case of news that there may be new elections if Mr. Pita Limcharoenrat The leader of the Progressive Party was disqualified by the court for holding shares in ITV. making it contrary to the qualifications of being an MP Will it affect being Prime Minister, including signing a certifying candidate for the Progressive Party or not, whether they can't answer correctly, which is up to the person who sings on what issue? If he sang on the issue that he was absent from being an MP, Mr. Phitha could become prime minister.

“Because the Prime Minister doesn't have to be an MP, or if he complains that he is absent from being Prime Minister. can be an MP But if the person complains on both issues, the court will decide on both issues or may affect another issue, namely signing party members. So it depends on the petition how to sing, whether to sing all 3 issues or not. But don't think too far ahead. take one point at a time The Election Commission of Thailand (EC) has not done anything yet. Don't be pessimistic, however, as I say this, It's not suggesting how to sing. Because it is up to the petitioner himself which issue he is suing, the court decides on that issue. If he complains on 3 issues, the court will decide on all 3 issues, ”said Mr. Wissanu.

When asked to reiterate that if singing the issue of signing party members Must all new elections be made or not? For example, in the past, Khunying Potjaman Na Pomphet, ex-wife of Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, went to vote and someone took it. in which only one booth occurred But making that election void for the whole country, so this is the same case. If the election is fixed, then the whole country must choose again.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency


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