Terror attacks rock three southern provinces

Southern insurgents launched a series of coordinated attacks in three southern provinces late Wednesday night and early Thursday setting ablaze petrol stations, ATMs, firing at security personnel, burning car tyres on roads, and bombing power poles.

The terror attacks left two security guards of a car show room in Chana district dead, and three injured at a petrol station in Thepa district, both in Songkhla province.

Security officials said the Muslim insurgents launched six terror attacks in Pattani, two in Narathiwat and four in Songkhla.

They said the attacks appeared to be centred on ATM machines at petrol stations in Thepa district of Songkhla, and Nong Chik in Narathiwat.

In Songkhla, the target of terror attack was a ATM machine in front of the PTT petrol station near Phra Bhud intersection in Thepa district. Here three people were injured in the bomb attack.

Meanwhile insurgents also opened fire at the Isuzu car showroom in Chana district, killing two security guards.

Insurgents also blasted power poles on the Phetkasem highway to Hat Yai wth explosives, falling two power poles.

In Pattani, the insurgents also fired at electricity transformers on power poles, blasted the poles with explosives in Nong Chik, and bombed a convenient store inside the PTT petrol station in Yaring district.

They also burnt car tyres, attacked a ranger base on Highway 42, and blasted power poles with explosives. Four poles were damaged, causing electricity blackout in large areas.

In Narathiwat, terror attacks were launched in Bacho district.

Meanwhile the Forward Cabinet held a meeting with local authorities of the five southern provinces yesterday.

The meeting was chaired by Gen Udomdej Sitabutr.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)