Thai government moves forward with marijuana policy

Bhumjaithai Party, March 24 – “Bhumjaithai” discusses the direction of marijuana laws for health and medical care after the election. for recreation in the Commissioner's class

Bhumjaithai Party held a discussion on the direction of cannabis laws for health and medical care after the election, led by Mr. Supachai Jaisamut, chairman of the Cannabis Bill Drafting Commission. Bhumjaithai Party did everything as it had campaigned for. But when marijuana is unlocked There needs to be a law to regulate. But it was not yet completed because of the political process. In spite of the law that was issued to protect society, so after the election that it was confirmed that Bhumjaithai Party Will continue to push for marijuana laws to come out for the people Although there is a far-reaching Pheu Thai Democrat Party, stating that marijuana will be used as a drug again

Mr. Panthep Puapongpan, Dean of the Institute of Integrative Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine Rangsit University Said he was the one who challenged Mr. Chuwit Kamolwisit to go forward in opposing the Marijuana Act, which he dared to challenge because Mr. Chuwit was wrong and said a lie. in regards to marijuana which Mr. Chuwit announced that he would not take free marijuana but the one who allows people to smoke marijuana in their own hotels.

Mr. Panthep emphasized that marijuana is more difficult to become addictive. liquor and cigarettes It also has health-promoting properties by using it for medical purposes. reduce drug problems as well At the same time, there are some ruling parties. Claimed that he was worried about the people and voted to accept the principle of the first bill on cannabis, but instead kicked and stalled the law. By causing the council to collapse and failing to vote for Agenda 3 and then using it to attack politics In spite of the Ministry of Public Health's announcement clearly stipulating guidelines for controlling the use of marijuana in order not to misuse marijuana therefore stressing that marijuana must not return to be a drug again

While Mr. Praphat Panyachatrak The President of the National Farmers Council said that marijuana still has many advantages, such as its use as an economic plant, so he confirmed that the new election would have to continue pushing forward anyway, believing that this was irresistible. In the end, the people will win. Ask those who oppose it to reconsider and not to reintroduce marijuana as a drug. The solution is to allow it to be liberalized as required by law. Then close the leak of the law.

As for Dr. Prasert Mongkolsiri, the former director of Nong Chang Hospital, said that the older doctors are now out of the system. Only new doctors left, children, so the Thai body is like a battlefield of chemicals. So I want to ask How much budget does the government lose on chemical drugs each year? Even though marijuana is the answer Therefore, if politics is still played like this The health system will collapse. which he supports to the extent that he can grow marijuana and encourages family members to rely on themselves Then came to be controlled by the cannabis law, cannabis law, and the thing that will prevent the health system from collapsing, the solution is cannabis by making cannabis medicine. therefore thanking the Thai Bhumjai Party and the entire country's cannabis network and please move on

Pipat Nonthanatorn, president of the Research Association of Thailand, said that the legalization of marijuana was a protracted one. Because the drug campaign is doing very well. While marijuana is not political It's about people and humanity. medical part Cannabis can cure many diseases. including schizophrenia He therefore proposed setting up a public organization to manage marijuana under a specific law. Ready to appoint a marijuana strategy committee to protect the interests of the nation and the people. Set up a medical marijuana fund Promote cannabis, hemp and kratom for medical use, hemp for industry and promote the knowledge of marijuana science to be widespread in all groups of people

The reporter reported that As soon as the discussion was about to end, Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health as the leader of the Bhumjaithai Party Arrived at Bhumjaithai Party office and immediately join the discussion He thanked everyone who helped uphold the medical marijuana policy. Move forward in the next election. At the same time, the Bhumjaithai Party will show everyone clearly that The policy has been comprehensively laid out in the past government policy statements. both medical health and economy It is within the framework that cannabis is used only for health and medical purposes. It is not used for intoxication or entertainment no matter how many times you say it. people who don't support Pride Thai Party will say But in a detrimental way, confirming that children and youth definitely do not have access to marijuana.

At the same time, representatives of political parties that come out against marijuana are members of the Commission. ever said why No recreational marijuana with zoning to support tourism But Bhumjaithai Party objected. must wait for it to be accepted before expanding to a wider extent within the framework of the law

However, I would like to confirm that the law pushed by Bhumjaithai Party is to achieve authenticity and unwavering intent with legal sincerity However, Bhumjaithai has never promised to legalize marijuana to anyone. But insisted on removing marijuana from drugs. which has already been done and to make society trust in the use of marijuana therefore proposed a law controlling the use of marijuana into the consideration of the House of Representatives

Ready to emphasize that unlocking marijuana from drugs This is not the opinion of the Minister of Health alone. But it is a consensus from the DEA and the national committee. jointly considered which has been carefully filtered with academic principles Reasons and necessity for removing marijuana from drugs All of which are beneficial to health and the economy.

In addition, Mr. Anutin emphasized that after this, he must speak to all political parties if they return to join the government again. will have to push this law to be successful because the people are waiting Representatives cannot be selfish. Must be for the benefit of the public and the people. By confirming that the Bhumjaithai Party has no retreat Ready to ask people to choose Bhumjaithai Party come back to support this law successfully Because the principles and reasons are still there. can continue to move forward.

Source: Thai News Agency


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